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* Heuristic means "self discovery"

| 7 DAY TOUR |


The management adventure is an innovative, wondrous and unique training tour with the added benefit of using the world's best classroom.

The week's 6 exciting ecoadventures and 7 fascinating workshops offer participants an outstanding learning experience and an opportunity to discover their own creative nature.

A stimulating and dynamic heuristic learning program for individuals and teams who'd benefit from 2 of the 3 most requested motivational rewards and incentives : "Exotic travel" &"Training to help me prosper".

From your base in a beautiful and comfortable jungle lodge, nestled against a National Park (last refuge of the Scarlet Macaw and the American Crocodile), you'll examine rules and principles of leadership… from the jungle's perspective.

Nature teaches 10 important lessons: Explore its rules concerning Identity, Self-esteem, Motivation, Creativity, Innovation, Evolution Transformation, Empowerment, Communication and Prosperity in a fun-filled yet awesome and profound look at «deep wisdom».

You can order one of this tour's themes as a multimedia conference or interactive seminar for your next meeting event, or "in-house" workshop.

Email us for more info. Ask about our CD-ROM on this outstanding training opportunity.

Click here for the program's daily itinerary.


| 14 DAY TREK |

The Way of the Jaguar-kings

is a once in a lifetime adventure in learning. Explore the time-space and worldview of another culture and discover the "teo physics of Nature".

Find out why the 1st Americans thought they settled in:"The heart of hearts, in the world of worlds." …paradise. More than 2 dozen outstanding eco-adventures have been grouped into two weeks of marvelous times in an area considered "…the biologically most intense place on Earth" by no less than National Geographic Magazine.

Visit Costa Rica in a unique small group tour circuit that includes a variety of conferences, workshops, explorations, visits, exercises and tools. This vacation is a magical mystery tour and tonic: It's our very best learning package.

The animation themes will illustrate the empowering worldview that allowed a highly advanced civilization - the Olmec are Mother-culture of the Toltec, Maya, Aztec, Inca, etc. - to emerge more than 3000 years ago in Mesoamerica. Their wholistic science - "teo" physics - transcends belief structures by examining the creative forces in Nature.

Olmec science discovered the rules and laws of creation and its sorcery allowed a people to profit from that discovery.

Visit live volcanos to learn what the Ancients knew about inner power, hot springs to look into relaxation, a mystic waterfall to find out about creative "flow states" and the deep jungles to appreciate raw beauty.

Learn about the feathered serpents - i.e.the myth of Quetzalcoatl - in a cloud-forest atop the world and discover the secrets of mysterious stone spheres found in Costa Rica's southern zone

Explore life from a Sorcerer's perspective and discover a science that explains an empowering paradigm of Mind expansion, Life extension and Light migration.

Email us and and ask about our multimedia iMtv Show on this magical opportunity.

Click here for the program's daily itinerary.

Explore inner power. Read the science of creativity pages on our web site to learn more about the 1st Americans' "teo-physics worldview".




Incentive travel and motivated creativity training are logical partners in our custom designed packages. Imagine a marketing team spending a few days in a jungle lodge with expert guides to help them "mirror" Nature's creativity rules. What could they come up with under those ideal conditions?

Choose from a hundred tools and dozens of adventures to stimulate their creative juices. We design great programs to motivate any team or solve any challenge.

Sales people will profit from our 7-day x 4-stop tour circuit named E$P -Empowerment, Strategy and Persuasion. Fascinating site visits and an incredible course syllabus provide a daily backdrop to the participants exploring the passion and power needed to increase "client capital". In a weeklong blitz, themes in a sales agenda are taught by using heuristic adventures and games along with a variety of animation strategies.

In another training-adventure, Project managers and Entrepreneurs explore task-oriented transformation and results management… from a thrive in the jungle-perspective. They'll see how thinking strategy often means leaping ahead and jumping back.

Participants of all kinds will benefit from learning how to manage their inner strengths… and this from the world's best school.

We design adventures in leadership that let people discover how Nature compels motivated creativity and personal power as components to a larger view which includes concepts like empowerment and "altruistic self-interest".

Email us to help you plan an intervention that will add value to your enterprise.

Click here for E$P, a typical program, daily itinerary.


Take a break - in Costa Rica - and learn about the ecology of creative intelligence from the world's very best school - the tropical jungle.

Discover your own inner nature in a series of challenging and yet outstandingly fun-filled theme-adventures led by very experienced trainers + guides.

Begin in the eternal spring, in the Central Valley near San Jose, then cross the andean paramo to a small typical town in a very fertile river valley. Spend the night and enjoy a near perfect climate. Tomorrow swoop down to the jungle and the Pacific shore.

Enjoy places that will convince you Nature's goal is paradise on Earth, here/now. You and/or your whole class will hang in a surfer haven and unwind while sharing an important initiation to Nature's way.

Discover how ritual magic can enhance even a southsea sunset, and find out Nature pre-determined that every member of every species practice "altruistic self-interest". This is the 1st law of the Nature.

Beyond books, schools and theories, consider spending a week or two discovering how the rules of the jungle relate to self-esteem, motivation, paradigmatic behavior, creativity, strategy, innovation, self-management and empowerment.

Come and see how Nature favors personal power… (and rewards the will to prosper and thrive).

Email us and we'll help you plan an outstanding term-break and a magical escape from the same-old, same-old. 

Click here for a typical 1-week daily program.






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