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Our tour circuits are sylvantherapy tonics with real wellness benefits. Some of the visits to pristine sites can require up to 3 hours of walking in a day.

We recommend that more sedentary persons begin walking to reach an easy one hour pace a few weeks before their departure date.

I've been to the places we mention and I'm a wheelchair jockey. Suzy is quite a tiny person so you can be assured that our tours into the parks and reserves of Costa Rica are "user friendly".

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Adventures in learning while touring Costa Rica : Experience exciting ecoadventures, fascinating seminars and empowering learning activities while participating in the discovery of your own creative nature.

Choose from a dozen exciting 7, 10 or 14 day packages : The most important survival skill every person should develop today is the ability to think strategically and creatively. (read more)

FAQs on incentive travel with educational themes : We'll help you reach your goals with our unique training and a once-in-a-lifetime magical, mystery tours in the jungles of Costa Rica. (read more)

Planning a corporate retreat? : Leaders don't usually consider a retreat because they're delighted with the status quo. You convene a retreat because you want something to be different within your organization, corporation, department or team. (read more)

We'll arrange for an extended stay and help you plan an itinerary based on your needs and budget. : Vacation "a su gusto". The incredible beauty of it all… let us "prep" you for the adventure of a lifetime. Allow Costa Rica to work its magic on you too. (read more)

We have programs for students, adult learners, mature travelers, business groups and "eco-trekkers". : Every year Costa Rica hosts hundreds of programs that are custom-made for highschool seniors, college students and others youth groups. (read more)

We'll design a WOW experience to reward or inspire YOUR TEAM. : Consider a small-group voyage of discovery that exposes, day after day, the syntheses that demystify a joyous, creative and powerful life. (read more)

Promote our adventures and tours in your area - and TRAVEL FREE. : Work with students, business people, seniors, walking clubs or people with special needs, etc.. Maybe you'd like animate a tour and have us arrange the logistics for you (read more)


How do we prepare for a trip into the jungle?