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Lessons from the jungle…


Daily itinerary

From the Juan Santamaria Airport, you'll be transferred to a very comfortable jungle Lodge near the Carara Biological Reserve on Costa Rica's Pacific slope. After the 90 minute drive through the mountains in an air-conditioned Coaster, you might want to take a swim in the lush tropical gardens to freshen up. Bienvenidos cocktail and meeting with the animators - Suzy and Lawrence - and the tourbus driver for the duration (and other relevant staff). Group introductions. A jungle story. An overview of the week and its objectives. A few rules of the jungle and a bit of advice, intended to make this a great experience and an outstanding training week.

Begin the second day with a leisurely 2-hour trek through the Carara Biological Reserve with Suzy and a biologist. Visit two overlapping biozones - the dry north Pacific forest and the south Pacific rainforest. The guides will help you see the forest in spite of the trees and the thousands of species of other flora and fauna. Blessed with an incredible biodiversity, the Reserve is the last refuge of the Scarlet Macaw and the American Crocodile, among other species. After this stimulating walk, you might want a dip in the pool before the next activity. Before lunch, in the gardens, Suzy and Lawrence will facilitate a learning process called "Lost in the jungle"; it will demonstrate the effect of dependence, independence and interdepence on group dynamics, as well as illustrate the premise of the day's seminar - that we live in a world of paradigms. Later Lawrence will animate a «Lesson from the jungle…» that explains how creativity is limited by neurological paradigms, and what we can do about it.

This fascinating third day will end with a cruise down a jungle river to see the last of the dinosaurs. But let's start at the beginning: In the early AM Suzy will teach a series of body/mind exercizes to help alleviate "the effect of paradigm", and then Lawrence will lead a seminar on change management. A break for a great lunch (see the seminar's content on our web site by clicking -> managechange.htm and then clicking «Back» on your browser to return here) which is served on a terrace overlooking the Tarcolitos River.

In the early afternoon - in the gardens by the pool - Suzy and Lawrence will animate a discussion on brain/mind, focusing on whole-brain and whole-life learning. Then they'll explain how this ties into the "fight of flight syndrome" and "stress" - before leading you on an exciting adventure. In the late afternoon you'll cruise the Guacalillo Estuary and the Rio Tarcoles - home of the giant crocodile - to get "up close and personal" with these last of these prehistoric survivors. Naturist guides will explain the Estuary's complex mangrove biosystem as well as point out the many native and migratory bird species that live in the reserve. Learn how Nature manages three organic regimes via their "neural nets".

A spectacular 650 feet drop makes Agua Viva the tallest cascada in Costa Rica; it's nestled high in a cloudforest home to Macaws, Toucans and many rare tree species. Bring your swimming trunks as the 10 natural pools are very inviting. After a great jungle horseback ride, comfortably back at the Lodge, examine Nature's slant on motivation and self-actualization. Suzy and Lawrence will lead a powerful exercise that shows how "I" perceives the world, and then Lawrence will demystify Nature's logic and her principles of creative self-motivation. They'll teach a few tools and syntheses that explain how to reach creative "flow" states, i.e. the "peak creative experiences" described by self-actualized individuals. (See the seminar's content on our web site by clicking -> motivate.htm and then clicking «Back» on your browser to return here).

Early breakfast before driving to a 1500 acre private reserve in La Fila Chonta, part of the Queboa Biological Corridor. It's part of the ASANA corridor which allows the migration of birds and animals North and South along the coast. An innovative and very creative project lets ordinary folk to visit the treetops penthouse: walk the jungle canopy where 70% of life dwells. A naturalist guide will explain the biodiversity of the area and its importance; bring your swimming trunks - waterfalls and exotic lagoons abound. Back at the Lodge, in a spirited discussion, learn how Nature creates, and why only .001% her creation survives; find out where human wisdom fits into her overall plan. After lunch Lawrence and Suzy will deliver the lowdown on creativity and innovation; this class will answer everything you've ever wanted or needed to know. (See the seminar's content on our web site by clicking -> innovate.htm and then clicking «Back» on your browser to return here).

Before breakfast, Suzy will lead a "power walk" on the Lodge's jungle trails. Greet the day when life switches from the night to the light shift, from instinct to consciousness - it's quite a show! After, Lawrence and Suzy will animate the 4th lesson; this is a fascinating session that demystifies personal power and empowerment according to Nature's rule. (See the seminar's content on our web site by clicking -> empower.htm and then clicking «Back» on your browser to return here). After lunch you might want to have a short siesta because later in the afternoon you'll celebrate your new knowledge with a sunset cruise on the Pacific Ocean, in the Gulf of Nicoya; you'll see why they call Costa Rica "the rich coast". You might be greeted by leaping dolphins and surfing manta rays while you enjoy the cool drinks and bocas served by the friendly crew. After dark, after supper, back at the Lodge, a short presentation will reveal Nature's ultimate secret with a modest sight and sound show. The required Q&A session will follow, in the moonlight, in the gardens by the pool.

Suzy will recap what you've learned through all your experiences and classes. Then you may want a last dip in the pool or stroll through the gardens before Lawrence delivers the fifth lesson (see the seminar's content on our web site by clicking -> thrive.htm and then clicking «Back» on your browser to return here). Only time left to pack your bags, finish your lunch and bid the jungle a fond farewell. Your tour bus will then drive 90-minutes from the Pacific coast to the Central Valley and either leave you at the Airport for the flight home, or drop you off at one of numerous hotels from where you may extend your stay.

The daily itinerary of the 7-day "whole-brain" experience. Package includes: Airport pick-up and drop-off, ground transportation, consultants, facilitators, guides, and:

This complete training package - with minimum 8 participants -cost less than you might expect. An individual purchasing its various components - without the training or theme facilitation - could expect to pay more than our complete training package price. Call or write us to discuss details and to get a quote and our availabilities.

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