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E$P*: The Sale$ Pro Challenge 

*Education, $ales and Persuasion

 1-week incentive program on how to develop «client capital».

-Here's the deal-

* Heurism is from the Greek - "Self discovery"

From the "Lessons from the jungle" series...

What can Entrepreneurs, Sale$ Professionals and Team Leaders learn from this jungle adventure?

How about - "the art of stalking customers..." - for a start. But there's so much more.

In the rainforest jungles, species learn "best practices" from mimicry - i.e. they see what works and copy it, doing it their way. Well this empowering educational week will use that same idea and unique training tools to teach everything you need to know about the motivation, the strategy, the creativity and the personal power required to influence and persuade others.

Experience exciting adventues and visits, fascinating seminars and empowering learning activities led by expert guides. In a "whole-brain" process of heuristic learning that illustrates the art of convincing others.... with style and grace.

For many reasons - its remarkable beauty, its user-friendly ecology and its warm and friendly people among them - Costa Rica is a perfect classroom to explore how we develop"client capital". With 500,000 successful species of flora and fauna to learn from,

This small group adventure for sales professional, entrepreneurs and team leaders focuses 7 wondrous days on exploring the art of "persuasion", i.e. How to communicate ideas, sell services or products or elswise influence others to do things.

This outstanding week-long tour can be animated in English, French or Spanish by Lawrence and Suzy.


Why this training program? There is power in maps…

Why Costa Rica? There is power in place…

Who should take this training? There is power in people…

Why this daily itinerary? There is power in this incentive package...

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There is power in maps… (top)

This training tour demystifies the motivation, strategy, creativity and personal power needed to persuade people. It stimulates participants to examine select themes with appropriate tools, learning aids, adventures and visits - in a process of heuristic learning.

Our concept is based on the power of maps. Maps let us examine a pre-determined area by pointing point out specific parameters within that area for us to explore. This incentive tour will take a look at how to pursue, develop and add value to relationships. An fascinating experience, it also examines the creative mind, trading "transactional energy" and developing the "power to persuade".

The focus of the week is to stimulate the self-management principles needed to develop «client capital». See the daily itinerary, agenda and syllabus here-below.

Why Costa Rica?

*Mnemonic is from the Greek for mindfullness and means "relating to memory"

•Sylvan is from the Latin for "forest"

There is power in place… (top)

In Latin America, selling is called "negocios". That should remind us that developing “client capital” - i.e. the ability to transcact with others - has immense value. Here are 5 important reasons why our training program is offered in Costa Rica: (1) The power of place - The tiny centrally-located (5 hours from Montreal/Toronto Airports) democracy is an acknowledged eco-paradise. This educational theme-package incorporates visits to site selected to stimulate mnemonic* reactions. (2) Nature's sylvan effect* is an anti-stress therapy and learning enhancer.

But (3) did you know we'll visit the area rated Best Place On Earth where to invest by the UN's Trade Organization? Or that (4) Forbes Magazine says San Jose - the capital city - is the Best City In The World where to conduct business. (5) And the overall effect of the tour is tonic... the visits and stops we've chosen are weaved into a fascinating theme stories on success: For example we'll visit a Quinta that taught an entire jungle region to grow and sell plants, a town that turned disaster into opportunity by selling a volcano, a coffee plantation that learned to sell online... worldwide, and a beach resort famous for selling dreams. Plus,

Who should take this training?

There is power in people… (top)

"The value given to developing «creative capital» can be indivisibly returned as «client capital»".

Learn to increase your "client capital" (the term defines the relationship you have or can develop with customers, suppliers and significant others). Acquiring this skill often means adapting to others so come to the jungle and learn why mimicry is a great tool.

Did you know that in Nature, relationships are nurtured in "altruistic self-interest"? Imagine the power released if a sales team explored "how to persuade people". This one week tour syllabus is focused on learning "whys and ways" that add up to "sale-ability". The training will empower people who feel they "have to sell" and is recommended for both new and veteran marketers, sales managers and trainers, company reps and product support teams as a great incentive and booster. It has "must-know info" for professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and service providers who must sell themselves and their ideas to others.

Incentive travel -with the added training aspect- is invaluable for busy people and ogffers mant advantages. Project teams can use the week as the kick off for a new initiative. It becomes the motivator that'll seal a deal or the special something that brings your sales force to its "next level". Use it to stimulate or reward particular sales and marketing efforts.


 Daily itinerary and syllabus (top)


Empowerment, $trategy and Persuasion

The 1-week incentive training-blitz in Costa Rica

From the Juan Santamaria Airport, you'll be transferred to a very comfortable Quinta (an estate in the countryside with a commercial orientation -they sell tropical plants on the world market). After the 60 minute drive in an air-conditioned Coaster, you'll be impressed by the beautiful valley where we'll stay for the next two nights; you might want to take a soothing spa by the pool; it looks out onto a wall of jungle. Bienvenidos cocktail and meeting with the animators - Suzy and Lawrence - and our driver for the duration (and other relevant staff). Group introductions. An overview of the week and its objectives; the adjustment if the Day 1 seminar has been experienced as part of an “in-house” training package. A few rules of the jungle and a bit of advice, intended to make this a great experience and an outstanding week.

Begin the second day with a leisurely 2-hour tour of the Quinta with Suzy and a guide. See how tropical plants and "heart of palm" are sold in another world. Take a dip in the pool to freshen up for the seminar. In a meeting room overlooking the pool,the jungled mountains that surround us seem "user-friendly". It's the perfect setting to demystify passion in selling and explore themes: What is success ? What is motivation? What is passion ? What is selling ? and then we'll define «The concept of "creative capital" ». We'll also examine the tour agenda and our journey as a three step process: 1. motivation in the individual; 2. strategy facing other individuals; 3. creativity and successful living.

SEMINAR ONE, COURSE CONTENT: The Power Principle and Persuasion

SEMINAR TWO, COURSE CONTENT: Motivation and transactional energy… "a sales game ;

The Tabacon river flows under Arenal volcano to be heated like a natural spa. The resort is on the perfectly named "La Fortuna" town side of the mountain, where the slopes are lush and green; the Lake Arenal side has been reduced to ashes by the lava. Fortuna means "luck". When the natural disaster struck, it spewed ashes and fumes for miles and the citizenry had to leave for months. They returned to find desolation, but were motivated to shift directions. Looking at burnt-out farms, they saw tourism and prosperity. The entire region became very entrepreneurial: they had a volcano to sell.


A small Inn with beautiful gardens in an area claiming the world's best coffee will host our next leg. We'll drop off our bags and then climb up into the mountains to a very prosperous plantation. They have a few hectares, a web site and will drop ship their fresh product everywhere in the global marketplace. Landing Wallmart brought them to that "other level". As we're driving through the countryside aboard our mobile classroom, we'll divide into teams and explore the strategy of the masters: How to develop "client capital". We'll take look at the premise and the 4 steps that define marketing, how to build rapport and how to establish a selling position and credibility.


We'll do some more strategy work aboard our mobile classroom, on the way to the Pacific coast. As we drive through Atenas, Orotina and other small communities, we'll examine the nitty-gritty: the art of "persuasive" communications. There's a psychology involved and several tacit agreements to be understood. By the time we hit "la playa", on a gorgeous stretch of white sand at the edge of an exotic rainforest jungle, we'll have digested the ultimate secrets of the best communicators - and the keys to selling ideas.


When the developers found white sand at a jungle's edge, they built a self contained village in order chat clients spend time there. Then they had to sell clients on the idea of visiting. This day will be spent learning to think about selling as if a wondrous game and benefiting from the lush gardens and white sand beach. We'll discover the "deep psychology" in selling. We'll lead spirited discussions on leadership, empowerment and creativity in sales. Find out how forbearance can be used to make customers loyal - and other creative truths. Later relax and enjoy the sunset.


Suzy will recap what we've learned through all our experiences and classes. Then you may want a last dip in the sea before Lawrence delivers the 7th seminar. Only time left to pack your bags, finish your lunch and bid the jungle a fond farewell. We'll drive to the Central Valley and either head for the Airport, or one many hotels from where you may extend your stay.


A powerful one-stop package

This 7-day "whole-brain" educational experience includes training consultants and expert guide/facilitators from "Juan Santamaria Airport Pick-up to Drop-off", and:

Phone, fax or email us to discuss booking a week,

to get a quote or to look into possibilities and availabilities.

This training can also be ordered “in-house”, with dynamic workshops.


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