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14 day adventure-circuit through Costa Rica

Daily itinerary

From the Juan Santamaria Airport, you'll be transferred to your hotel. Bienvenidos cocktail and supper. Meeting with guide/animators - Suzy and Lawrence - and your tourbus driver for the duration (and relevant other staff). Group introductions. An Olmec story. An overview of the tour and its objectives. A few rules of the jungle and a bit of advice - all intended to make this a great experience and outstanding vacation.

We'll board our tourbus and head to a magnificent cloudforest. A biologist will teach us how to observe the lush tropics and to « see » beyond the greenery, recognizing trees, plants, insects, critters. We'll take time to become familiar with the "Forest of Kings", home to the astonishing Olmec civilization. We'll discuss the secrets of perception after a luncheon seminar and be back at the hotel in late afternoon; free evening with homework.

Early AM visit to an awesome volcano, unique in dimension and configuration. It's alive. We'll start at the interpretation center, early - before the clouds settle in. After learning the ecology and history of this still active fire-breather, we'll stand at the crater's edge to taste its sulphur fumes. Then we'll trek through an "elfin" forest on our way to a second crater filled with emerald-tinted sulphuric acid - a primordial soup. In the afternoon we'll visit the Museo Nacional and learn more about the Olmec story, and that of the Costa Ricans.

First breakfast and then we leave for Cartago, the old capital. During a tour of the cathedral of the Black Madonna - La Negrita - contemplate belief structures. We'll drive to a 3000 meter altitude and cross the "Cerro". We'll stop to experience the Andean paramo, stalk the «Resplendant Quetzal», the sacred bird, the harbinger of paradise and have a bite. We'll learn about the myth of Quetzalcoatl after lunch and then continue to our hotel near the city of San Isidro, Perez Zeledon, in a valley boasting a perfect climate.

We'll start the day's adventure by bussing up into the mountains to don Francisco's farm. He'll show us an absolutely extraordinary forest of 1000 year old trees. We'll trek to a mirador for a breathtaking view of Mt Chirripó, the highest point Central America. We'll soothe our weary bones in a hot spring in the very heart of Nature. Lunch by a raging trout river includes a discussion on stress vs the need to relax. Then we'll gather in the gardens of our Hotel for a workshop on paradigm-shifting - i.e we can react to life or co-create it. In the early evening we'll meet in a typical "boca" bar for an «group adjustment session». We have 10 days to go and things are just getting interesting.

We'll find out about the Center's aims and objectives before exploring its ecology on trails that lead to a bracing waterfall and then to fantastic mountain views. We'll visit a butterfly farm and learn about the creative process -latest science. After lunch, in the Hotel's gardens, we'll discuss intelligence and how its gets that way. Evening off.

This morning we'll trek the most awesome « arete » in Costa Rica. We'll stand on the wind swept edges of a drop that is many hundred meters straight down and have an unbeatable view of the "mystic valleys" , the Pacific ocean and the far horizon. Initiates to the Olmec sorcery schools graduated by diving into the unknown from a cave behind the waterfall on the vertical face of the ridge. Graduation meant changing dreams to awaken elsewhere; failure meant falling to their death a thousand feet below. We'll discuss "morphic fields of wisdom" during a training session on "how" Nature compels human motivation.

After an early wake-up with coffee and fruit, a most excellent adventure awaits. Local guides will bring you into the heart of the jungle on horseback to don Lulo's. His wife will have breakfast waiting. With typical «tico» charm, they'll tell you their story and show how they care for injured birds and animals. We'll continue deeper into the forest to the awesome Nauyaca waterfall - a great gorge cut from the rainforest. Swim, dive, float in a tube, enjoy a water-massage, climb the rocks, play, rest, enjoy. On the way back you'll have a copious lunch at don Lulo's. Imagine the flow of consciousness as a limitless cascade. Then we'll drive to the Baru river, to a jungle lodge.

Breakfast and then we bus the Costanera to the country's safest surf - the isolated southsea paradise at Parque Marino Ballena. We'll find four great beaches protected by reefs and great places to swim, dive, snorkle, play with dolphins, angelfish or sharks, and sun or just walk alone admiring Nature at its most tropical. Tides roll in gently to make this a perfect place to learn the sorcerer's art… dreaming. Lunch by the sea and discuss inner power and the ascension of the soul into immortal states. When we get back to reality later in the afternoon, we drive surfer-haven Playa Dominical where you can hang free. Much much later, with a biologist, you'll set up camp in the jungle and explore its dark side, its overnight life.

Back from your overnight trek, enjoy a short rest before de-briefing your adventure. Lunch at the Hotel. There's a great place in the jungle behind the Hotel where we can demystify "zones of influence" and personal power. Also learn how the Jaguar-kings reached "ømega states", i.e. states of «supermotivated intent» and higher intelligence. Magic.

Right after breakfast we'll leave the Baru river area to visit the smallest and most popular park in the Costa Rica system: Manuel Antonio - lush jungles meet white sand beaches. An outstanding diversity of flora and fauna agree that this a picture-postcard (and quite commercial) paradise. After lunch in nearby Quepos (named for the Indians who once lived here) will move down the coast to a great Hotel surrounded by jungle beauty. The supper seminar, on how the Ancients learned to stalk "Paradise on Earth", will conclude another fine day.

Breakfast before we head for Carara (indigenous word meaning crocodile river). This park offers an exceptional diversity because of its geographic position, i.e. at a convergence between the dry tropical forests of the North and the rainforests of the South. It houses several endangered species like the scarlet macaw, the native american crocodile and the purpleheart tree. People lived here from 1500 BC. (3500 years ago) but jungles have claimed downtown. After a lunch-conference, we'll drive to San Jose and our Hotel.

Our last day begins with a power breakfast on « power ». Appreciate how ancient people used the psychic and spiritual powers we learned to overcome great burdens and hardships, and civilize a jungle wilderness. Examine passion as "meta-motivator" before going downtown for hustle, bustle and shopping. Mid-afternoon we'll head back to the Hotel and freshen up. In the evening we dine out in a restaurant in the mountains above San Jose. A "typico" feast and folklore to celebrate our tour. A certificate suitable for framing. Laughs and remembrances of things just past.

This tour package includes airport pick-up, all ground transportation, accommodations, guide-facilitators and:
Because we use a « touring club » formula wherein we give agency and group discounts to our customers, this complete tour package - with 12-16 participants and a n/c designated group leader - costs less than you might expect.

An individual purchasing the various components of this tour - without the training, facilitation and guided worry-free agenda - could expect to pay more than our complete package price.

Write us to discuss questions, dates, availabilities or for a quote.

Act now, don't be disappointed.

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