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This 14 day adventure is an initiation to the ecology of a creative life.

The Olmec rulers of Mesoamerica's "Forests of Kings" were shaman/scientists highly educated in the study of Nature and her laws. For millenia they examined natural order with mathematical detail, ultimately discovering all its secrets. Exploring their tropical ecotopia, they didn't find the invisible god of many other cultures but rather they discovered a Creator manifest in all of Creation.

From center to circumference, we'll follow their inner journey and experience what they said was the "Heart of hearts in the World of worlds".

Itinerary: Ecotourism and beauty. We'll experience a cloudforest, a montane forest, a rainforest and a Pacific coast mixed forest; we'll hike around a volcano, atop a paramo, to a hot spring and a cool waterfall; we'll trek along jungle rios and on isolated shores; we'll learn about ourselves - about motivation, creative intelligence and personal power. We'll explore how perceptions play a role in the co-creation of the world, and how universe itself responds to a creating « intent ».

Come to learn about the "Jaguar-kings". During a leisurely two week vacation, you'll entertain significant ideas on how to connect with passion and experience paradise… while here on Earth.


(The adventure)

7 days of "incentives to excel" in a competitive world

This itinerary is for managers and entre- and intrapreneurs. Global market rules are changing the game and it's a jungle out there. This training tour is about how to excite, empower and keep yourself at your best. Refer to our training pages to get a feel for the course content.

The most important survival skill every career-minded person must develop today is the ability to think creatively. Your « creative capital » is your most precious asset. Take a week and learn how innovation and creativity are the "value added" in any business equation; they are what transforms ordinariness into prosperity.

Management theories are, of course, subservient to the laws and forces in Nature; in Nature successful individuals have no resistance to creative principles. Profit from learning how Nature manages change through creative evolution.

This is a 7-day intensive. You'll be met at the airport and driven to a beautiful jungle lodge on the Pacific slope, near the center of the country. A welcome and orientation meeting helps prepare you for your excellent adventure; as a matter of fact you'll experience 5 great adventures on 5 successive days while learning all you need to know about "creative self-management". You'll horseback ride to a majestic waterfall, explore the jungle with biologists and guides, then cruise down a crododile filled rio andmangroves, and sail the Pacific..

Whole-brain learning (theory + experience) will demystify everything you need to know about self-motivation, creative intelligence and power and empowerment. Evenings will be reserved for learning how to be happy.

On day seven. uo,ll be brought to the airport more aware, motivated, creative, wiser, leaner and more strategic than before. By then you'll have completed a plan for managing your own creative capital over the long haul.


This tour circuit is a 10 day initiation to your "magical potential"

Itinerary: Journey with just the facts. We'll begin in a beautiful little valley where modern-day science will explain how the ancient sorcerers of Mesoamerica developed a "receptivity" to certain forces in Nature. Millenia ago the Olmec civilization had schools in "power spots" that taught adepts how the "Human Energy Field" can reach a higher intelligence. They explained brain circuits, consciousness and sacred energy in relationship to forces in Nature.

We'll visit Costa Rica's tropical wonders to explore the ecology of creativity and its five basic elements: We learn the ground rules in a tiny valley before exploring the first element - FIRE - at the foot of the living, fire-breathing Arenal volcano; learn how "will" is linked to the primal Energy.

Next voyage in WATER - Also, find out how the physical body can accesses a morphic and metaphysical reality, and this while relaxing in the hot springs at Tabacon. Learn from a crystal clear lake, a mineral rio, a pristine waterfall, a bluegreen jungle lagoon and the warmth of the Pacific Ocean.

You'll become aware of an energy field that surrounds all living things while exploring the element AIR in a misty cloudforest. Gain a vision of how Higher order compels EARTH creativity. Also, discover how sacred caves can transform primal force into abundance.

Lastly, on a lost beach, find out how to perform a powerful ritual called the "spiral dance". It'll let you ascend to the creating SPIRIT, the indivisible "Intent" that is animating Life. Before heading home enchanted, you'll celebrate the sorcerer's insight that you gained - that there's power in Creation to help you realize your dreams.


Two weeks to explore « Infinity »

During this 14 day pursuit, learn how to find your way between this world and the "other". In 1100 BC, the Olmec of tropical America discovered "tesseracts" (wrinkles in time) that occur naturally in the fabric of the space-time continuum. These anomalies allow this world to communicate with a parallel universe, a world of "pure creative intelligence". Modern science agrees that "morphic fields of awareness" overlap this world at specific configurations and that they respond to an invisible "other" as well as to influences in this world.

Ancient priest-scientists spoke of "the silent and the active sides of infinity". They told of morphogenetic vibratory states - called "the spirit world", "the dreamtime", "the collective unconscious" or "the mainstream of consciousness" - known to interact with the physical reality. Those morphic vibrations are organized around a universal blue, a creative order, a "heaven".

Morphic fields of energy overlap our world and are « reached » by ordinary folk, via what is often then called "intuitive insight", "vision" or "lucid dreaming". The Ancients spoke of "being-in-dreaming" and ømega state bliss.

Itinerary: The tour begins in the gardens of a quiet mountain inn where we'll recap the basics on reaching altered states of consciousness. You'll discover that sorcerers use dozens of tricks to help them venture inwards. Then you'll descend into a dormant volcano - where life has stopped and you can dream what was before you began. Later, while leisurely navigating jungle rivers and mangrove canals to the ends of nowhere, dream about what could have been.

And, in a modern jungle lodge, dream about what is, separating what has true meaning from the dross. Travel to lush valleys, exotic beaches and isolated frontiers to dream of what could be and learn tools that'll allow you to extract realizable potential from your musings. Lastly, you'll visit magical places where dreams are actualized to learn about personal links to transpersonal Power: This by making pragmagic goals to assure dream come true.


This 10 day tour explores the secrets of enjoying a creative life ...as a couple.

Emotional love, married folks soon find, is great... but not enough. We've selected 3 of our favorite places to learn all about the "power of love" in relationships: A posada high in the clouds, a lush rainforest lodge and a secluded resort on an isolated beach. We'll examine selfish love, symbiotic love, self-esteem, unconditional love and the l.o.v.e.* of universe - primal energy - to see how it becomes personal power. And we'll demystify the aggressive and erotic drives as fundamental forces in Nature. * Limitless Oscillations of Vibrationg Energy.

Itinerary: Begin high in the mountains above the Valle Central. Experiment with ancient ritual techniques, learn how individuals complement each other and how couples can form a quantum force and super-partnership. Then discover basic differences and similarities that animate the sexes, and find out why ancient sorcerers suggested men are more like the four directions, while women are like the four moods, of the one universal and infinite « Creating Intent ».

We will also visit a jungle where you'll find we each have a unique "perceptual window" into the Infinite; we'll explore isolated beaches and experience techniques for "seeing" and "dreaming" together. Then, seduced by the beauty of our surroundings, we'll embark on a search for self-defeating limits, learn how to actualize personal and shared goals. As we explore Costa Rican "Pura Vida", you'll discover why couples should mirror their highest potential for each other, and fully enjoy the fruit of that labour.


A 10 day circuit to explore "managing your most precious resource"

( includes volcano and jungle canal tours and quiet days on the beach ).

In Precolombian times, managing a community's well-being was the work of the Balam. Then, the word "balam" meant both "jaguar" and "sorceror" and represented the concept of bringing "Creative will" to the earthly realm. The Balam was a powerful teacher and guide who interpreted feelings, moods, dreams and visions and acted as a bridge between the finite world and the Infinite.

A tribal Balam was responsible for rituals dealing with the sacred fire: HUNAB KU - Pure Creative Force -, explaining for all the hear its intricacies. A conscious link with this Force was considered our most precious asset.

Millenia later, the European conquerors of this "new world" discovered a highly advanced civilization enjoying an amazing plenty. Little did they realize all they found were the remnants of earlier and more powerful time. In preconquest history, Protomayans discovered great spiritual truths by painstakingly studying Nature - including human nature - in all its facets.

The physical body processes energy, i.e. awareness as e-motion, they found. But because intellect follows emotion, the Olmec realized, they could attract creative ideas and prosperity by thinking with feelings of "nobility", "meritocracy" and "being lucky". They mastered their thoughts by rising above petty emotions and willing their feelings and moods to the spiritual heights of consciousness. Their way really works so we've planned an exciting adventure to help you find out why.

Itinerary: Begin in "Valle Escondido" - the beautiful one - to learn what ancient Initiate Schools taught men and women about the limitlessness of their creative potential, and then explore inner power directly at the volcano in La Fortuna. Discover how the Balam accessed "Hunab Ku" by manipulating his moods and his emotions; and then visit a rainforest reserve, a botanical gardens, a herb plantation and various healing states.

And, on the Caribbean coast, examine 5 ways to change the future... according to Olmec. As did the Balam, learn the science behind generating prosperity and solve the ultimate Sorcerer's paradox: "You can't take it with you… but you can send it ahead!"


This is a two week primer on understanding "Dr. Nature".

Itinerary: Forests are pharmacies and Mother Nature is a great healer. This walking tour begins in a cloudforest park where a volcano's two craters symbolize the art and science of healing. We'll stop in a small town with a particularly vitalizing energy to learn how "Ku" circulates through the human body, intersecting at 7 major plexi, 40 secondary ones and 360 other junctions in various relative intensities; it can fill 4 accumulators while flowing along 3 principle routes and 14 feeder paths.

This awareness is morphogenetic. Learn how health is maintained by currents of "living light", a bio-energy which animates every cell. Illness comes from stressing a current and thus changing a cell's resonance, its "ayni". You'll find out how to energize, calm, harmonize or compensate a dissonant "ayni" by using Nature's bounty and "teo" physics. You'll try hot springs, muds, warm sands, sea salts, bracing waterfalls, cool lagunas, healing winds, deep-cleansing ions, a mineral rio and a sample mixture of botanical flora, while visiting a half-dozen life-zones.

You'll also learn diagnostic techniques and principles of intervention that demonstrate how a metahealth state of « spirit » promotes maximum body/mind wellness.


This is a 10-day adventure for « Initiates to the Great Work »

The primary resource in any age is the intelligence of its leaders. Learn how Olmec sorcerers led by connecting with "Gaïa", Mother Nature as pure creative intelligence, form,. And how they discovered lord Galaxia - pure power - and the mystery behind universal form.

Itinerary: First you'll visit the jungle floor and canopy to experience the brains and bowels of Creation. Then climb the paramo to stalk the Resplendant Quetzal and the myth it inspired. Base camp in the Valle de El General to examine the changing world and the need for self-management. Power is "out there" and it's transpersonal. Gain wisdom from some of the greatest teachers on Earth: The jungle montaña, reefs and mangroves, beach and Pacific Ocean. Together they teach flow, and how diversity, synergy, harmony, individuality, responsibility and strategy merge.

The ancient warriors knew how creative "flow" can be used in personal transformation to access highly spiritual configurations. And they explored "force and power" after finding that every human being has a noesphere linking him or her to the Biosphere, which is part of a Heliosphere and an infinite Hypersphere.

Self-management involves the four forces the Olmec named Tonal, Nagual, Igual and Uinal, and how "out-there" and "in-here" share an indivisible hyperspace. So we'll visit the University for Peace in tranquil Ciudad Colon. While roaming the beautiful campus of this United Nations' initiative, we can assess a worldview that promises to save the Planet from the limits of human intelligence.




Vacation "a su gusto". The incredible beauty of it all… let IIDC "prep" you for the adventure of a lifetime. Stay a little longer and allow Costa Rica to work healing magick on you: Here is where an ancient civilization considered: "The Heart of hearts, in the World of worlds."

This a very special and fragile place; here is where four tectonic faults converge to form the molten opening that allows an isthmus to grow between two worlds - North and South. Then high energy magma is enriched as it's cooled solid by oceans on two coasts - East and West - to allow the greatest array of life on Earth.

The Serpent, the Jaguar, the Congo, the Eagle and the Quetzal are Olmec keys to personal wellbeing; and they offer itineraries for an interesting bit of work.


Itinerary: Make your peace with fear. Deep jungle. Place. Passion. Power. A week to trek from the sunrise on a beach on the Caribbean coast, crossing the largest unexplored rainforest north of the Amazon, to a sunset rendez-vous on a beach on the Pacific. Spend your days trekking the montaña on horseback and your nights in a mosquito-netted hammock. Your guides guarantee 100% adrenaline and 0% comfort.



This is tourism "a la Tica". Costa Ricans have long been known as a people who prize and value cooperation while completely respecting the individual. "A la Tica" means in the spirit of negotiation and consensus. We'll stick to « the path of the heart » and then compromise every inch of the way. Just to see what is feels like.

Reward your top producers, meta-motivate your team or train a whole new department. Choose from hundreds of utopian options, i.e. - 12 bio-zones, 29 National Parks, dozens of private reserves, 100+ volcanos, 150 beaches and countless gardens, ecoprojects and power spots. Follow the path of your heart.

Come to be awed by a greater variety of flora and fauna than any other place on Earth; let Costa Rica's incredible beauty seduce your resistance. Here: We create packages to enchant; you select from a dizzying array of recipes, tools, techniques and exercises that are proven to stimulate team spirit and self-empowered attitudes, and together we'll introduce the selected players to an outstandingly good time.


Itinerary: How do you face the dark side? Know yourself. Take all the time you need to "do the first works". Perhaps a vision quest at the top of the world. Or consider a healing catharsis while experiencing an ancient and sacred place. Try sitting in an energy vortex behind a mystic waterfall. Write that novel next to a 1,000' high wall of greenery, visit with the gentle muse of poetry in a jungle tent camp or sculpt drifwood. At the top of the pyramid warriors find satiety and so recognize the power of SELF-discipline.

Surf with dolphins, chase sharks, sit with serpents, hang glide with eagles, snorkle with sea serpents or rainforest bungee jump. Do nothing save take your fill of Nature.


Congo, the Howler Monkey, can be heard a long way off. In collaboration with F.A.U.N.A. - an ngo working in tourism for persons with restricted physical abilities - we're proud to offer 7 and 14 day packages for persons with special needs. We have circuits for wheelchair users, tours based on "touch and smell", rejuvenation tours for seniors, bodywork and R&R tours, etc…. Tell us about yourself and your specifics; and we'll show you "el paraïso accesible".

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