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Other topics of concern…

My accident and next 22 years lived as a disabled entrepreneur and consultant to major organizations have had a profound impact on my worldview and my life: I don't take things for granted any more.

I consider every breath I take to be a gift.

In consequence, my passion for Life, an insatiable curiosity, many projects, a continuing advocacy to "level the playing field" on behalf of disabled Canadians and these years with Suzy facilitating workshops for thousands of people in dozens of companies, have been a fascinating journey of personal discovery.

Since recovering sufficiently from the trauma of my accident, I've studied the subjects that explained the big « why? » question. These led me to theophysics which explains Creator, creativity, creation and creatures, and to a sort of metaphysics from America's very ancient past which offered a view of "whole systems". And Creative logic.

I often start conferences by asserting that I consider myself the luckiest person on the Planet. These last years have allowed me to discover how to live with power, strategy and commitment. I enjoy sharing the «deep wisdom» animating Nature by speaking to groups about the wonders in “Life” and the infinite potential we have at our fingertips.

During 60-90 minute conferences I explore aspects of “Creative Intent” and the needs of the human soul in several themes:

I also relate some of the "pragmagic" I've picked up along the way in the following highly entertaining conferences:

Email me to discuss your special event and we'll prepare a conference syllabus.

Suzy is also impassioned. She's also a pioneer on behalf of understanding Nature as a healing resource; and she's an outstanding teacher with solid professional credentials.

She'll speak to groups on subjects related to «Sylvantherapy and wellness» and will animate the following 60-90 minute conferences to great appreciation:

Write her for a syllabus.

Creativity and the tourism industry

Suzy, Monic and I love tourism. We love visiting the beautiful places on Earth. We love being tourists, tour guides, tour site and attraction operators and tourism consultants. We love the hospitality industry because our earliest training (Suzy was a customer service manager, Monic was drilled by Ma Bell and I was a salestype.) is about assuring customer satisfaction.

As such we enjoy working with people involved in various tourism sectors and have a few products with the objective of sharing our passion and good business notions. Participants - from restaurant staff to industry associations - have greatly appreciated our animations.

These include a 3-4 day customer-service workshop entitled “Succeeding in the Hospitality Industry” and a 3 day sales and marketing workshop called “The Motivation,Strategy and Creativity of Niche Marketing”. We also facilitate sessions that stimulate staff motivational juices by shaping our "Lessons from the jungle…" series of seminars with a definite tourism slant. Email us and you'll see what we mean.

Creativity and education networks

I guess its safe to say that my greatest accomplishment is having a daughter who prizes passion and inner values above all. Chip off the old block. She was taught to believe in herself and the larger potential. She knows she can accomplish anything - after considering two provisos: “unbending intent and practice”. Being happy all the time means learning to enjoy the practice periods. Enjoy and let Infinity take care of the details.

I believe children must be given the tools and synthesies that demystify their creative potential and help empower them. We are all teachers of they who'll inherit and care for the Earth. IIDC's resources and programs are available to schools and students who'd like to animate a more creative view to the world around them - a view that lifts the spirit when life's challenges might seem immense.

Creative intelligence and self-empowerment are a universal context where each can be respected for his or her own content. By understanding the creative process you can draw truth from the unknown and mirror it into the known. Suzy and I both have vivid and fond memories of a specific teacher who affected us in such a way; someone who always directed us to find out for ourselves by pointing us in the right direction.

There's a hierarchy of understanding wherein innovation, creativity and intelligence are revealed as always being outside of an existing paradigm. Learn to paradigm-shift into “aha” and “creative-flow states” and then teach the process to others. Ask for details.

Email us to discuss any presentation in our field of expertise.


we're also associated with a network of conference speakers who have other interests. To reach our french-speaking friends connect with: www.formatout.com and our english-speaking creativity network is @: www.micaworld.com

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