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Lost in the jungle:

A team-building adventure

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This is an exercise designed for people who must adjust to new management positions or who are required to collaborate with others in situations provoked by company restructurings or changes in culture or direction, or whenever increasing team spirit and enthusiasm is desired.

How do we stimulate team spirit ? It's simple - we lose the group in the jungles of Costa Rica and then just watch them learn how to release their creative and let it gel them into a team. Synopsis: "Lost in the jungle" allows participants to use several creative skills - like situational analysis and decision-making, offering solution and reaching concensus - while learning profound truths about human behavior. They also learn how to assess group motivation and how to increase its synergy.

In this game, if the group collaborates, they'll live. "The helicopter sputters one last time and then hits the tree tops; then,with a perfect mixture of skill, luck and providence, it crashes through the jungle canopy, its fall slowed and finally stopped by the thick green vines. Miraculously no one aboard is hurt. There is debris on the ground when you climb down, and - for a moment you feel blessed - but then reality strikes it's a long way to get out of this place. You salvage what you can from the debris. To survive, you'll make life and death decisions and become true leaders."

The participants will be on the lookout for positive and negative behavior traits that can affect team spirit, group creativity and the ability to make good decisions; they discuss their findings among themselves and extract wisdom from the process.

Treat your associates, collaborators and employees to the information they needto lead powerful teams. Share this heuristic learning adventure in a complete Costa Rica package or as "in-house" game.

We'll address the following concerns:

This team-building exercise can be ordered as in-house training,

as a feature at your next event or as an adventure in our

"Lessons from the jungle…" incentive travel package to Costa Rica.

Email us to discuss a custom-made exercise.

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