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"Ahem... Here's my sales pitch!"

Our Affiliate Program

Hi, I'm Lawrence Poole - co-founder of www.consult-IIDC.com. We are innovative training consultants with unique products. We offer multimedia in-house conferences, heuristic training programs.and training adventures in the jungles of Costa Rica. Heurism is the Greek word meaning "self-discovery"!

We teach Nature's creative leadership principles by facilitating theme-based adventures and activities where participants learn the message.in a direct way. We match exciting eco-adventures with appropriate training themes to create "a perfect heuristic moment" - i.e. an ideal teaching situation - then we demystify an important theme.

Our programs are educational experiences with extremely important themes that develop leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and knowledge-workers. Because our time is spent researching, designing and animating these educational programs, I'd appreciate your help to spread our "Self-empowerment in Nature…" message.

Our heuristic approach shortens the learning curve by consciously impressing the participant's neural-circuits with the functional information they need to provoke their own AHA realizations. As neuropathways build on neuropathways, they link to grasp the theme... each in his or her own AHA moment. Successive impressions are arranged so they self-organize into paradigm-shifting networks of new realization.

As altruistic as we'd love to be and just give away the powerful ideas our training methods represent, a SELF-interest obliges us to fashion our products into "business" models: Our Affiliate Program begins by joining the « Mayamü Touring Club »

Then, you'll find an Affiliate Program based on a simple share-the-profit formula: For example - We use buying power to negotiate best prices with local service providers for our tours and group events and then we "add value" to the cost of a travel circuit or event with our exciting educational themes. We bring learning adventures, training tools, heuristic activities and interactive animations that are worth their weight in gold - can charge reasonable prices, with reasonable mark-ups.

Thus we can keep our prices below what a person might expect to pay for this kind of learning adventure, tour or event if such a product was otherwise available. You might expect to pay $ 5000.US for a 5-day classroom-setting program on Leadership theory or Creativity or Team-building. That'll include lectures, material, health-breaks/lunch but you'll pay extra for hotel room, transportation, meals and sundry. A top-quality, ALL-inclusive, adventure-based 7-day Costa Rica tour will be a fraction of the classroom amount - but will be a much more stimulating and empowering experience. The jungle is not theoretical, it is urdently real.

The % of a tour's cost that is normally attributed to "marketing and sales" is invested in our Affiliate Program. Rather that being showy, loud, famous and rich (...ahh wait 'till next year) our Affiliate Program means that we are lean and able to offer the wonders of Nature empowerment secrets... in a context guaranteed to do participants the most good.

We're looking to network with people who'll become Affiliates - i.e. Agents or Partners - and represent our educational themes from their place of origin. We're also interested in communicating with people who would like to become certified as learning-adventure leader/facilitators and teach Nature's "Theophysics".

Email us for a PowerPoint presentation on why this a great deal.

If you agree with the terms, write again to ask for our CD-ROM. It'll have a QuickTime movie on Costa Rica and another with me talking about how and why I created the "Lessons from the jungle..." themes. You will also find a series of PowerPoint presentations on various aspects of our learning agenda. In the meantime, download some pdf documents.

Here's how our Affiliates participate financially in the Mayamü Touring Club concept.

We need help organizing small local groups who will participate in one of our learning adventures - locally in a place of their choosing, in Quebec or in Costa Rica.

Here's where Affiliates come in:

To become an Affiliate of the Mayamü Touring Club, just write to me.

Thanks for listening,


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