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These photos are from our theme tours

( and they're often taken by tour participants).

It may take a moment or two to download all the pictures.

We'll change them regularly so please drop in again.



| Culture day with students |

This picture was taken at the Museo Nacional where the ancient Olmec and Costa Rican colonizers are remembered. These high school Seniors came to learn about their own creative nature and sensitize a whole town to the importance of "universal access" issues.

The town wondered why kids from another country cared more about local access issues than their own community did and they since have instituted a municipal action plan.



| Cloudforest jungles |


These are the jungles we drive through on the way from San Jose to San Isidro.

Pictures don't do Natutre justice.

The trick is to sneak up on critters like the "fruit loop king" here below… but you can't do that from the bus.

Toucans produce an enchanting, almost mystic song with that boom-box of theirs. Up close the beak seems "crazy-glued" in place and looks like delicate fingernail material.

 | Why we love it |


This tree is a flagrant example of Nature favoring "multi- diversity, synergy and cooperation" - there are dozens of species co-evolving there. Rapid destruction of the world's forests is preventing us from finding out just how many of those species might benefit us. There's green gold here.

 | Rest up in a clearing |

After an hour's trek deep into the jungle, the group stops to rest near "Don Lulo's place". Don Lulo's wife will have prepared a great meal. Later, they'll continue a half- hour deeper into the forest to the majestic Cascada Nauyaca. Wherever you find mountains and rainforests you're apt to find waterfalls and blue-green lagoons. Don Lulo's place is a local favorite.

Ain't nothing better than a swim and soothing "water massage" after a long hike.

 | When DINEC'S team-building got "real" |


Thumbs up for the "Coco Loco" ritual on the beach. DINEC is dynamic furniture manufacturing company poised for greatness. Rapid growth and expansion in a rapidly changing marketplace is a challenge. Even more difficult, the management team didn't have the time to really get to know each other except as "roles" and through anecdotes. The CEO heard Lawrence during a conference he gave the Furniture Manufacturers Association at their AGM and later saw him again, when they discussed "heuristic training" in Costa Rica's jungles. Sold, he brought his entire managment team on adventure. This day was devoted to a "treasure hunt" where inner resources were discovered... and so was rum and fresh coconut water.

| Mountain trekking to a "spa" |

The « up close and personal » experience of Nature's sites might involve a couple of hours of walking in a day. It's always be a worthwhile trek - like to reach the hot springs at Rivas hereabove or the twin craters of the Poas Volcano below - so come ready and "relatively" fit to really enjoy yourself..

Holy Hades!!! Months later some said they still remembered the smell and taste of the sulphur fumes.