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An “entrepreneurial couple…”

This is only a simulation.

Suzy and I don't think there is a greater teacher nor a more intelligent model to learn management from than a tropical rainforest. We're creating a park and resource center in a tiny valley called Mayamü in Costa Rica to facilitate teaching Nature's creative self-empowerment principles… so if you're ever in the neighborhood please look us up.

We've shared our extremely eclectic personal and business lives since 1987. Recently a magazine article called us "an entrepreneurial couple" because of the way our passions define our business interests. We began teaching the incredible wonders of Nature's creative processes together more than a dozen years ago and since, the "whole" has proven to be greater than the sum of its parts. We complement each other rather well.

We're an entrepreneurial couple… I like the concept. The word comes from the french "to undertake". We do what we love and arrange it so the rent and groceries are paid. We write together and co-animate most of our training seminars, workshops, tours and many conferences. We work in French, English or Spanish, and spend almost all our play time together - we know about the importance of good communications. And we've learned a few other "couple" survival skills.

From Northern James Bay to Latin America, we've taught thousands of people how to realize their creative potential. Our joy and synergy create a dynamism that stimulates the enthusiasm and receptivity of participants to our sessions. Quite varied backgrounds allow us to translate complex and often abstract ideas into practical concepts. Call us for a consultation - we'll establish your exact needs, draw up the parameters for an intervention and then Suzy and I will deliver an entertaining and highly profitable learning experience to you and your team.


On writing, teaching &

doing most everything else together…

Suzy and I work in very close creative quarters; we consult, animate, teach, travel, explore and do everything else together - and often under crowded conditions and deadlines. For over a decade we've spent almost every hour together… day in, day out, and nights… week after week, month after month… year after year… help.

I'm kidding. We recently wrote a book demystifying creative self-management and even enjoyed that very personal collaborative process. Mind you, we've learned a few tricks along the way. We have rules that make sense to us and we use the creativity tools we describe in our book. The "talking stick" is particularly recommended. The following 10 tips may help other working couples:

Besides "creative thinking", we recommend using tools like "abstract thinking", Edward de Bono's "lateral thinking", "critical thinking" and several others techniques for everyday use. These are templates that allow a mind to entertain many kinds of perception. We also subscribe to body/mind exercises that develop “psyche” power - i.e. the mental discipline and inner strength needed to master any situation and realize any dream.

We think empowerment training and techniques like "socratic dialogue, "fair fighting", "negociation" and "selling" (every new idea has to be sold) are basic survival skills in this day and age. We're happy to correspond with other entrepreneurial couples and share self-empowerment secrets.

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