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Hi! It's Lawrence Poole and Suzy Ethier again.

This web site introduces you to our activities through

Instituto Internacional de Desarrollo Creativo

(International Institute for Creative Development)

of San Isidro (Perez Zeledon) Costa Rica, and


of Montreal (Quebec) Canada.

Suzy and I are consultants, communicators and trainers.

We stimulate people by teaching them the self-management principles that demystify human motivation, creative intelligence and self-empowerment.

We thus help companies, associations and institutions mobilize their «intellectual and creative resources».

We've combined our passion for Nature and our years of experience into a unique offer: Educational theme tours that show how creativity's rules are not only efficient survival mechanisms, they are templates for a happy and productive life.

Aside from our incentive travel packages to Costa Rica, we animate conferences, multimedia seminars and workshops to teach important "Lessons from the jungle…".

So take the time to visit our site and please email us your comments. Thank you.


An unusual initiation

My appreciation for Nature's « creative » and organic management principles evolved after the tragic accident that put me in a wheelchair. Before, I was quite familiar with the parks and campgrounds of eastern Canada - forests and wilderness areas have always been exciting and beautiful to me (as well as dangerous, fascinating and fun).

In the months I was hospitalized, bedridden and unable to move, I would escape into the travel posters of Nature scenes that papered the walls of my room. When I was finally discharged from rehab, thoughts of those peaceful country places, intuition and a deep longing led me to our National Parks for solace. There, I found answers to troubling questions that my accident - including death, out-of-body experiences and perceptions of Light… of Pure Creative Intelligence - had raised.

I very quickly noticed improvements to my overall physical and emotional health and got great psychological and spiritual strength from those solitary forays into the woods. Also, I began to notice how Nature's forces would affect my mood, motivation and perception; within time I realized I was affected by the "whole" rather than specific parts - places or essences - and I began studying «whole systems». Before long I discovered how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts - a creating Spirit, a Supernature, is animating « Life ». Since, I've learned how to become aware of that creating force, and how to use it to attain health, happiness and prosperity.

The sense of an all-permeating « Life force » in Nature is apparent, I found, to many people who spend a lot of time in wilderness areas. A field of study called "ecopsychology" is now monitoring and measuring the effects of Nature on consciousness. In the same way living micro-organisms - whole colonies of bacteriae - are part and parcel of the human geography, we humans are part of the larger Nature, the living Earth which itself a creative, dynamic and quantum « life force ».

10 years after my initial discoveries, I met Suzy who was raised in the Quebec country-side and had a passion for "the outdoors"; she really got hooked on the power of forests in 1983 while a consultant on a project in the mountains of Colombia, South America.

A short time after we met, she initiated me to the tropical jungle - in spite of my wheelchair - where I encountered a greater diversity and intensity of "Life force" than I'd ever known. We've divided our time between "the Great White North" and lush tropical rainforests since. (I'd been introduced to Mesoamerican culture by an aunt when I was 6 years old but that's another story.)

I had a jungle-chair built; it takes me most everywhere.

Suzy and I would enjoy hosting your visit into Costa Rica's Park System and tourist sites - its andean paramos, cloudforests, montane jungles, rainforests, dry tropical forests, savannas, riverains, mangroves, island sanctuaries, reefs and beaches, et al are the world's best classroom - but we know group travel isn't always possible.

In compensation we've packaged our exciting learning adventures for "take-out" and assure you we are ready to bring the "deep wisdom" in Nature to you via our «multimedia» seminars.

Just email us and we'll make all the arrangements.

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