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For Artists and Business owners, Professionals and CEOs, Team leaders and Self-Employed workers everywhere...


"I, INC.©"







"Tell me what distinguishes your training program from others?"


I, Inc.© is a series of virtually live presentations on the strategy and creativity needed to build an ONLINE BIZ*.

*(A 'Brand Identity Zone' in cyberspace)

"I, Inc.©" is a highly stimulating learning agenda based on the best practices of successful artists, entrepreneurs and self-employed profe$$ionals, presented in an innovative format. It helps participants shift perception into understanding the potential revealed by digital thinking.

Your BIZ* (*brand identity zone) defines your stake in cyberspace. It describes what others need to know in order to do business with you - over the Internet.

Eight metaphors are used to define the overall potential. And within those general territories,
your BIZ* is your business ...showcasing your creative, strategic and commercial ideas.  

This mentorship program is for persons involved in the digital economy. It's for Artists and Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Self-Employed workers everywhere... It's for CEO'S, project managers and creative teams involved in communicating a reason for being or in selling solutions. It's for the management team, the marketing and sales teams, the design and customer service teams and other significant collaborators. It is for your business network and everyone in your supply chain.

The curriculum is shared in 3 parts: 1. Opening exploration of the potential; 2. [7 x 1.5 hour] an Interactive Audio-Learning seminars; 3. a Closing event and synthesis call to action. Over time, participants learn everything they need to know about the motivation, the strategy, the creativity and the resources required to succeed commercially in the digital economy. Using Tele-conference calling, the Internet and heuristics, the program will help you discover the three kinds of capital every BIZ* must develop in order to prosper.

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Your guide is Lawrence Poole. He is pictured above ...and his BIZ* is storytelling.

He and his partner Suzy Ethier have prospered from it for more than 18 years.



Tell me more about the mentorship!

Mentorship recalls the trusted sage Mentor giving advice to young Telemachus in Homer's Odyssey.

The French coined the term to mean the transfer of information from any experienced person to others.


As you continue to scroll down, you'll see how the program transfers a predetermined curriculum
that consists of 18-20 hours of solid-gold advice on self-empowerment, as described in the learning agenda.
It will also lead you to a wealth of related information. syntheses and tools that will help you prosper in the digital age.


To do so, the mentorship program is divided into 3-parts:

Part 1. The Kickoff: This consists of a 4-hour heuristic learning event called "A Power Lunch At The Explorer's Club". Heuristic learning involves "self-discovery" so before our mentor starts giving advice, he'll establish a real physical/emotional contact with the participants.

It's important to define terms and look at potential. We'll get a feel for limits and expectations. The contact will allow us to discover the particular considerations that make the "mentoring aspect" of our training offer valid.  Then the disembodied voices that dispense the Audio-Learning via conference-call know who we are talking to.

"A Power Lunch At The Explorer's Club" is delivered in an appropriate location or catered in-house. We introduce a "springboard story" that explains self-empowerment and the keys to success in a commercial context, we'll get the feel for heuristic training and for each other, and then we'll take a look at BIZ* and the changing face of the marketplace.

Part 2. 7 x 90 minute Audio-Learning seminars: Over the following weeks and months, because the heuristic learning used strong imagery and interactive animation, it created a positive expectation for the training, and that emotional capital allows the mentorship to occur via Audio-Learning. 

The format uses both the Internet and telephone conference-calling to follow you, wherever you may be. We will set up a learning agenda that divides 10-12 hours of seminar presentation into 7 sessions. Each of these sessions has its own learning agenda, its own timetable and its own didactic material. At an appointed time, with plenty of reminders, we log onto the same phone number. It'll be the entry code into a highly stimulating and empowering ninety minutes… and the best part of that day.

Part 3. The «Agora» At The Explorer's Club - The program closes with another 4-hour in-house heuristic learning event… this time an interactive animation revisits the whole program. We'll recall - and give whole synthesis - to the content during an Agora, where we'll answer questions, correct misconceptions and add to your meaning of "creative leadership" in troubled times. And then we'll explore greater potential.

Okay... give me the FAQs!


12 facts to consider when choosing a distance learning experience!



Okay - so what topics does the program cover?

Tell me about the learning agenda?

The empowering nature of the program is cumulative. Considerable learning will be stimulated by each session and participants will acquire data from many other sources, to be digested in an ongoing way. Acting on the accumulated knowledge results in self-empowerment and prosperity. The program consists of one session on the power of heuristic learning and on success in the digital age, there are 2 sessions on self-motivation, 2 sessions on strategy, 2 sessions of creativity in business, and an empowering synthesis. There is an ongoing blog for a more one-on-one Q&A.

SESSION 1 : AT THE EXPLORER'S CLUB (An in-house kickoff event...)
• The power of our stories: Exploring entrepreneurship and economic law

• The Internet and its 8 metaphors

• I, Inc. - Prosperity incubation via an empowering "springboard story"

• Stalking a BIZ* in cyberspace, individual and groups

• Virtual space, virtual time, real energy

• LEAN™ Improving

• The virtual community and its niches

• The virtual economy and its affiliate programs

• A creative imperative and global need


• The successful career: "I", "not-I" and "I, inc."

• Self-actualization - Its concepts and definitions

• The effect of paradigm on perception: "I", others and culture;

• The « master strategist » has 3 forms of capital

• Opening your mind to greatness

• Your 2 spheres of influence: Personal power and persuasion

• The use of heuristic devices and mimicry


• Sales people: Ambassadors of Innovation and Prosperity Pro$

• The 8 ways that Pro$ "self-sabotage"

• Transpersonal motivation: Ordinariness and greatness

• The whole-brain and its "future" neural circuits

• Gathering buyer intelligence: The «Inner-Radio»

• Self-management and the power to persuade

• Beyond neurons: The 5 roles of a creative thinker

• Nature's rule for developing « client capital »


• The known, the unknown, the unknowable… and the new

• Pragmatism and the 6 principles of creative motivation

• Management by objectives

• Objective subjectivity: 10 steps to mastering your « self »

• Self-actualization and Ideals: Doings and not-doings

• Nature's rules : On power and empowerment

• The value of transactional energy

• Your piece of the «P.E.I.» (Personal Economic Incubation)


• In the Yin/Yang, "yinners" are winners

• 9 places where customers "niche"

• The AHA moment and the concept of "client capital"

• The "unique selling position" - « I, inc. »

• Territory, prospecting and solicitation in a digital age

• The new economy and the need for instant communications

• The 9 main considerations for building rapport

• The top 9 realizations in taking a sales position

• The 4 steps to convincing another person

• Growth: From one to "niches" to global markets


• 4 conditions in a successful communication

• E$P© - Education, $ales and Persuasion

• The psychometrics of personality - Synergism

• DNA - Direct Noesphere Advertising… the «power» to persuade

• The 4 reasons to engage a client in physical movement

• 3 ways of generating client commitment

• 10 key ideas on describing ideas/products/services

• The 9 most powerful facets to fashioning an offer

• The "eyes" have it


• BIZ© - Your Brand Identity Zone

• Changing minds and playing the game: The quality of your life

• Creating intent and the abstract core: Altruistic self-interest

• There are 2 rules to becoming creative and empowered

• The science of negotiation

• The art of stalking and the "mastery of intent"

• Dreaming, seeing and « intending results »

• The 3 precepts and 7 principles that make great leaders

• Dreaming and the creative spirit… in the business jungle


• The reluctance to be great

• Self-management and "quantum time"

• Motivation + Creativity = Possibility -> Prosperity

• Crossing the boundaries of affection

• Creating commitment: 11 ways to "conclude" an accord

• Forbearance - The offer they can't refuse

• 10 important facts that seal a deal

• The Sorcerer's Seal… a sure-fire clincher

• How to develop « passion» as an attractive force

SESSION 9 : AGORA AT THE EXPLORERS CLUB (In-house closing event)

• Leadership as a lifelong learning

• Value-driven by « deep wisdom »

• Mind expansion &endash; Life extension &endash; Time migration

• R.O.I.* - The fruit of the labor…

• The Way Of Jaguar-kings (-queens)

• Power from passion


Well I do want my team to benefit from that learning agenda!

What do I do now?


Contact Suzy or Lawrence at Consult-IIDC Management Inc.

In Montreal - phone, at (514) 481-2835

Or send a FAX to (514) 481-0837

Email: info@consult-iidc.com

Skype: Don_Lorenzo2


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