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Suzy Ethier

An author and training consultant for over 15 years, I've specialized in helping people develop and manage their creative potential. Before devoting myself to this study, I was a human resources trainer and then a customer service manager for a large corporation, a consultant on a rural development project in Colombia, S. A., and a teacher at the Allianza Colombo-francesa. I was also the co-founder and president of a manufacturing company, and then a service company, and I facilitated "business startup workshops" for Quebec's Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Science and Technology.

In the past decade I've animated conferences, seminars and workshops on subjects related to change management, motivated creativity, innovation and self-empowerment. I bring a wealth of life experiences to my interventions - including training in diverse areas like business planning and start-up, time and human resource management, union relations and international commerce.

I particularly enjoy "mentoring" intelligent and worthy projects, helping teams define their missions and goals and facilitating "task-oriented" transformations. Aside from a book co-authored with Lawrence (Investissez dans cotre capital créatif - ISBN: 2-922417-46-8) I've written articles on creative self-management and mobilizing human resources for several magazines.

The founder of an organization devoted to researching the benefits of "sylvantherapy" (from the latin "forest"), I'm an ardent promoter of Nature - i.e. of recognizing National parks and ecological reserves as important human wellness resources. I've participated in several conservation efforts and am currently co-creating a park and resource center in a primary rainforest in Costa Rica.

One of my great passions is travel. I particularly enjoy guiding wilderness tours. With Lawrence, I love visiting Nature's outstanding sites and exploring ancient cultures. He says I'm a great cook and I definitely have a green thumb. I practice "tai chi" and I'm a devoted student of several healing arts.

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