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How Nature manages change

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This training is for people going through transformations of all kinds, i.e. adjusting to new conditions provoked by mergers, restructuring, and by changes in culture, market conditions, personal circumstance or direction.

Change causes a stress reaction in most people. It seriously affects an organization's psychological, structural social and economic processes. It merits demystification.

Synopsis: In Nature, the only constant is change. The human species doesn't see it that way though. And even when higher management can rationalize change as an opportunity to strengthen a company or to align existing practices with new strategies, most employees will only see it in terms of harmful risks to themselves and their careers.

For most people change is neither wanted nor appreciated; it is most often considered troubling and upsetting. And it is resisted.

A lot of valuable information will be shared in this training. Using simple synthesies and an animation style that combines dynamism and receptivity, Suzy and I will help participants discover how change means growth, and this by teaching the "deep wisdom" used by Nature to manage its own transformations.

This motivating session focuses on the nature of change and offers creative tools needed to manage any sort of transition period.


We'll address the following themes:

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