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Why Nature insists on

self-motivated creativity


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Today's social and business climates are demanding higher levels of motivation and creativity than ever before, but is everyone ready? Can we really be motivated on demand? Is everyone creative? Can passion and personal power be learned?

The answer to these and several other related questions might surprise more than a few people. During this training, the principles of self-motivated creativity are completely demystified. Participants also discover differences between reactive, proactive and creative worldviews, and learn how perceptions affect the pursuit of a quality of life. They'll discover five roles which, when practiced, result in a more creative attitude.

This session is for anyone wanting a greater quality of life. It benefits individuals working in a competitive environment and for whom better self-management would be an advantage.

We'll discuss everything you've always wanted to know about needs, motivation and self-realization. You'll learn how humans pursue happiness with a strong interaction (+) and/or a weak interaction (-) and how both these require your time (all of it) and your energy (all of it) no matter what your attitude. The difference is (+) attitudes will make your body feel better.

Suzy and I explain motivation so it makes "perfect" sense; it's all about motives and movement.

We'll address the following topics:

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