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These photos show you who we are.

We'll change them regularly so please drop in again.



| Lawrence Poole |

This picture is from the back of our book and I use it for official programs, bios and such. There are a couple of other photos of me on this site but I've mostly selected pix that'll give an overview of our activities.

Because I'm 6'4" tall and a t-4 paraplegic (disabled from just under my armpits) about 5'2" of me doesn't work at all. I keep fit by wheelchair "jogging" a few miles a day. It helps me maintain the energy I need for the adventures we organize and to do my jungle "wheel-abouts".



| Suzy Ethier |

Suzy's "dust jacket" shot doesn't do her justice - she's much taller than this. We only have a couple of pix of Suzy; she usually takes the photos. I'll ask her to take some of herself real soon.

She's 5'3" and weighs about a hundred pounds soaken wet - but she's the first person I'll call when I need a boost up or down a flight of steps. She has a super fitness routine, a fantastic sense of balance and I trust her completely. On a recent adventure, we drove 18,000 km from Montreal to Panama together - she motored about 300 meters of it but did navigate. She's great at check lists, is a fantasrtic cook and has a dark green thumb. She laughs at all my jokes.

 | The two of us |

Here we are thanking folks who came to Quebec's Bibliothèque National for the launch of our book.. I'm currently writing a trilogy on what I learned from more than 15 years of trekking through the jungles... both the asphalt and tropical varieties.

 | Monic Chabot |

This is our friend Monic who first came to Costa Rica on one of our 14-day theme tours some 10 years ago and did a "Shirley Valentine" - i.e. she went back to Canada, closed out her old life, enrolled at the University of C. R. in tourism and now chases through jungles. Aside from her work on universal access for the ngo F.A.U.N.A and others, Monic manages Mayamü and leads tours and workshops on self-empowerment.