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Hello and welcome to our web site:-)


We are Lawrence Poole and Suzy Ethier.

We help organizations by teaching leaders and knowledge workers

the « deep wisdom » in Nature's empowerment processes.

We are authors, training consultants, conference speakers and facilitators. We help people develop their "creative capital" by using a heuristic approach that illustrates the creative management principles favoured in Nature.

We help organizations see creative energy as a valuable resource. Suzy and I explain quantum management, i.e. we animate important SELF-empowerment principles, explaining the "self" to be the indivisible element linking life, and a quality of life.

Nature's « survive and prosper » law requires us to adopt life-long learning to thus become somewhat empowered and , by using our "Lessons from the jungle…" metaphors and springboard stories, we stimulate that creative imperative, showing people how to transform their potential into pragmatic realizations. Our learning programs equip participants with the tools, templates and syntheses they need to be creatively empowered and self-actualized.

We are creative consultants to our clients and bring them our experience and tools so as to support their ambitions, goals and resources. A consultation will determine needs and conditions - but an intervention will help you take up important challenges, manage a transition or times of change and innovation, and stimulate you to move in a new direction.

Explore your « creative capital » with us and you'll discover an unlimited potential. And you'll also see how prosperity îs linked to the motivation, creativity and innovation of your "human resources" - the folks that surround you.



If we had to distinguish the principal characteristic of our times, we'd name it "change". In the entire history of humanity, this era is certainly the most prolific in terms of all kinds of changes - from recent discoveries in the natural sciences to the latest break-throughs in technology. These transformations are remarkable because of the speed with which they appear and are integrated into society - where many people desperately struggle to adapt to their intrusion.

It seems like the speed of information itself is setting the agenda. Yet, in spite of all our science and technological wonders, no one has been able to correctly predict the course of our own times for more than a brief moment; every decade has surprised us.

Not long ago stability in industry was considered a sign of health, tradition was deemed a necessary ingredient to commercial exchange and a rigid philosophy meant a long and prosperous life. But the world is no longer what it was - and we've begun to recognize how the 21st century is threatening us with the most serious dilemma in the history of humanity: Evolve or perish.

Fundamental change is still required but the forces of resistance are provoking situations which are negative to personal health and growth: Reactionary management, inefficiency, human stress syndromes, burn-out (its denial face "burn-in") and an overall apathy. A tonic is needed.

This dis/ease are very costly (US$300 billion/yr in North America). Because we explain hoe stress and creative self-empowerment are antipodes, our stimulation programs help companies transcend the limits imposed by entropy. We introduce "conscious creativity" into the workplace by illustrating how Nature manages change, motivated creativity, innovation and empowerment. The jungle is the backdrop but we show people how to creatively manage themselves.

Nature manages creative self-organization...

Illustrating how the wisdom in Nature is strategic and creative, we customize our seminars and conferences to reflect client needs. Our training follow-ups include a form of mentorship - or 1-on-1 coaching, i.e. empowerment with a personal agenda and our "heuristic" programs shorten the learning curve because they mobilize intelligence by explaining and then allowing participants to experience the logical tools and syntheses need for a self-empowered life.

In this experiential context, our training benefit people at every level of an organization. There is an exponential gain when an entire team takes the training at the same time though, as they forge neurological "memes" - or a common language based on their experience - of the logic and the tools. Memes are neural nets in the brain that result from shared mimicry so the experience is indivisible from the persons sharing it.

We've taught thousands of people from many cultures the techniques, strategies and exercises that are proven to motivate and stimulate. We even take people into the jungles of Costa Rica to show them first hand how Nature rules... and how Nature's rules are keys to success and happiness.

Consider our "Lessons from the jungle…" creative self-empowerment training to complement your existing programs in management, marketing and production, or to help your strategic thinkers, or mentor specific project teams; we will add value to your people-leaders, your negotiators or your persuaders - by creatively empowering them. Imagine the benefits of learning how to manage your «creative capital» for fun and much greater profit.

Call us to stimulate your team. We'll help you discover new products, services, processes, clients and market strategies.

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