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These photos show where we are.

It may take a moment or two to download all the pictures.

We'll change them regularly so please drop in again.



| View from Montreal office | 

Looking east towards Mount Royal and the downtown core along Sherbrooke st. -alt. 40 m (120').



| View from Mayamü office | 

Looking west - we're on a ridge at about 400 m. altitude (1200'). That's a sheer drop just past that log and the Pacific ocean 3km across the Baru Valley (a 13km winding drive).

| Mayamü Lane |  

Welcome to La Quinta Mayamü - this is 500 meters of private lane just off the main drag. The road was only used by horses and cattle until we hauled in tons of stone; jungle mud is slicker than snow and in the rainy season hills are too slippery even with 4x4s without "material".

| On a trail with Sergio | 


| In the garden |

This is from the garden's center looking back to that same trail. Sergio is our caretaker and jungle advisor; he's lived in the neighborhood for 50 years and has a great love for the land. When he saw we shared his passion he started making trails that are wheelchair accessible. He cuts great trails - as he does everything else - just with his machete.