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It's practically Paradise…

…everybody says so!

Costa Rica is a wonderful example of a modern day Eden: It's a peaceful oasis housing the greatest diversity of flora and fauna known, with twelve distinct bio-temporate zones that extend from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Its climate varies from 0° on the paramo to 35° on some shores; an abundance of micro-climates assures visitors many variations from an ideal springtime to summer weather... every day.

At 9° North Equator, edged by exotic reefs and ribbed by high mountain ranges that can reach 3,800 meters in altitude, this tiny country (the size of Nova Scotia, Virginia or 20% larger than Switzerland) is an incredible botanical garden of exotic jungles, lush valleys and a variety of tropical beaches.

The "rich coast" - a solid democracy that abolished its army in 1948 - chooses to live in harmony with the global community and to work for "Peace". The proud and happy Ticos and Ticas will welcome us warmly, recommending that we tread gently across the 27% of their land that is set aside as a protected ecology.

IIDC's tours offer a greater variety of sights and sounds, odors and tastes, adventures and experiences than you can imagine. Please take the time to visit the tour page on this web site. You can have an outstanding vacation while learning « deep wisdom » from Nature's creative processes. And play in a 51,000 square kilometer schoolyard.

You'll be seduced by a complexity of life which is boasted, if not debated, by monkeys, macaws and mariposas; come to discover why this is as close to Earthly paradise as you can possibly get. Tell people you heard from a tuned-in Toucan.

Explore your creative "Self" in the mirror of Nature's beauty.

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