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   Using Your Intuitive Mind

In the jungle, people learn to sense things.  Adapting to that very dangerous world requires them to make quick decisions - often with little room for error.  Survival - of family or friends - might depend on it.

Sometimes the business and social jungles are fraught with danger too.  And people don't always have the facts they need to make the best decisions for themselves so life can get very stressful.  Yet some folks thrive in those circumstances - even if most of us don't.  Subject to continued stress, most people will burnout - or worse& burn-in.  

The interesting question is - what can they do about it?  Well the answer is demystified in my book SELF-Empowerment (How and why to invest in your creative capital), but the quick take is this: In most cases, a well-developed intuitive intelligence would make all the difference in the world for people who tend to react poorly to life's challenges.  It would tilt situations in their favor.  

Everyone has some sort of intuitive sense.  How many times have you thought: "I knew it!" or "I just dreamed that would happen!", or some such?  Most folks ignore or reject their intuitive feelings and - as a result - they lack the creativity and personal power that an inner sense provides.  

To reach your intuitive mind, you have to step away from the heat of the moment and relax.  The conscious mind operates in Beta brainwave state, as measured on an EEG (Electro-encephalogram), while the Superconscious mind is experienced at the Ømega point (
see our website for details).  

Anything that will quiet your "inner dialogue" and allow you to get inside the Alpha brainwave state will lead to your intuitive mind.  As you become deeply relaxed, ask appropriate questions and contemplate the answers you get.  If you don't have all the facts you need, don't surrender to stress as this will only accelerate your inner dialogue.  Rather, reach for the quietude you need so you can bring things into back into balance by asking yourself:  "What options are available to me?  What are my best ones?  What can provide me with the greatest good?"  

Your first heart-felt answers to this will come from your creative « self »!  After all, if you were creatively empowered - i.e. motivated, strategically intelligent and wise - you'd want the very best for yourself wouldn't you?

If you're looking after your own best interest, always ask yourself if you have enough options or sufficient scenarios in front of you! Any real power will come from choosing - from many - the best ones.  If you need more possibilities, uncover them before committing to any other action.

Here are 4 applications where intuition really pays off.  In each, the process is the same: Begin by clarifying your intent.  Aware of it or not, your mind is directly connected to infinite and creative Ørder... a Superconscious mind.  Next, examine your link to this Superconsciousness to benefit from its much larger view.  Your intuitive insight will come from adding that larger perspective to your own.  
A clearly defined intent guides our perceptual antennae so they resonate to the specific object of our concern. We can develop psy power to:

1) Anticipate problems. Get into the habit of asking yourself:  "What can possibly go wrong?"  Once you have a slate of probabilities, question your «inner self» about the one that poses a real or serious threat to you. Let the feelings and impressions come to you and then take precautions against them.  
2) Make decisions. Get intuitive insight for all your options.  Identify a proposed course of action and then ask your «self» how that would work out best for you. Act on it and see for yourself.  If you are facing yes or no issues - ask yourself why the choice is limited to those options.
3) Verify your timing and priorities. Use your intuition to plan strategy and timelines. Align your priorities with your master plan. Slow things down, ask questions and clarify points. If the answers are too vague, look deeper for facts.  Should you adjust your game plan... your timing or your attitude?
4) Read another's intent. What do you think about when you're in a conversation with others?  Use that time when they are speaking and you're listening to still your mind even more - and to ask your «self» serious questions about the person's facts and intention.  Scan people while they're saying things and let your intuition separate lies from an honest intent. Are people sincere but wrong? Or is there more?  Learn to rely on your gut.

Invest in your « creative capital » and your intuitive mind will work for you.  Intuition is your inner power.  Provoke the answers you need, and then act on those empowering messages.  They provide the keys to a magical life.


Do you know about parallel thinking?  Fascinating things parallels.  

The Dictionary of Science explains an amazing anomaly.  While it defines parallel lines as lines that can neither converge nor diverge, it'll argues that if a beam of light is seen from an infinitely great distance, it's separate rays are considered parallel.

In « parallel thinking », focus on where those two rays of light become one beam.  People who see things that way have their mind operate on 2 tracks.  One track will house everything that's connected to their physical here/now reality.  All of the conditions and responsibilities related to the decisions they've made - so far - are monitored on that time-line.

But in their mind's eye, there's another track.  This one houses a metaphysical reality - one filled with different considerations and set on another time-line.  And those two tracks will remain parallel to each other.  A person will nourish both and be nurtured by both realities.  But parallel thinkers know that their two rays of consciousness are really one beam, and even if they're firmly grounded in this world, they know that they can cross over into their other dream soon enough.  

Recognizing more than "one reality" is the only challenge.  As a precursor to « parallel thinking » try practicing Dr. De Bono's « 6 hats thinking » technique.  When your mind is flexible enough to entertain more possibilities, it'll gladly open itself to another dream, another track.  Click here =>
to start training your mind.



This month we are featuring "The Creative Team", a milder version of our adrenaline-filled "Building a Higher Performance Team" week in Costa Rica.

The focus of this training curriculum is to increase the creative intelligence of the participants and it will benefit persons who are responsible for innovative ideas, services and products.  Following this 8 day/7 night « boot camp » of innovation, they'll have gained powerful insights into their own brain/mind and how to creatively actualize its potential.

Check it out



Spring is just around the corner and you might be thinking: Decorate.  

Here a few web sites to help you do just that.  First put a little color into your life.  My friend Josette Buisson of Laurentide Paint in Quebec's heartland is the creative spirit behind
http://www.paintcafe.com - an interactive site that'll let you discover your personal color palette - and apply it to your home decor.  After years of passionate study of the art and science of color, Josette designed a questionnaire to help us determine our preferences.  I took the test and was amazed to see my favorite jungle colors, hues and tints reflected in the choices it gave me.

House Beautiful also has a great site full of advice on everything from quizzes on tastes to tools.  Visit them at
http://www.housebeautiful.com/?arrivalSA=1&cobrandRef=0&arrival_freqCap=2.  If you need to do any renovation, visit http://www.certainteed.com for advice on the correct processes, buildings products, etc., for any job from the ceiling to the floor.  

You'll also get good advice from Better Homes and Gardens at
http://www.bhg.com    - including a Top Ten home repair list.  And The Home and Garden Television Show http://www.hgtv.com/ has an easy to follow interactive library on how to do most everything else.



"There is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can circumvent, hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul."  Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."  Eleanor Roosevelt

"You see things; and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'"  George Bernard Shaw

"There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly."  Antisthenes

"Only the shallow truly know themselves." Oscar Wilde

"Conscience is the inner voice that warns us that someone may be looking." H.L.Mencken



Bob was desperate to support his family.  Taking stock of his life he realized that his wife did little but watch TV and yell all day, and that his sons were following his bad example - they'd dropped out of high school to hang around with local gangs.

Lacking any marketable skills, he applied for a janitor's job at a large manufacturing firm and easily passed the aptitude test. Then the HR manager told him: "OK you got the job!  You'll start with minimum wage - $5.00 an hour. Let me have your e-mail address so that we can get your file processed and put you in the loop. I'll e-mail you all the forms and advise you when to start and where to report on your first day."

Taken back, Bob answered that he had neither a computer nor an e-mail address. To this the HR-man replied: "You must realize that in a modern company like ours you virtually do not exist without an e-mail address.  You can hardly expect to be employed by any major firm. Thanks anyway.  Have a nice rest-of-the-day."

Stunned, Bob left. Not knowing where to turn, down to his last $20 and lost in thought, he walked past a central market and spotted a man selling 25lb crates of beautiful red tomatoes.

In a flash, he was struck with an idea and quickly acted.  He bought a crate of the best looking ones, carried it to a busy street-corner a few blocks away and set them down, arranged them in display and began to gently polish them on the apron he'd bargained in the deal. A little more than 1 hour later, he'd sold them all and made a bit more than 100% profit.

He rushed back to the market and bought 2 more crates of hand-picked beauties and hustled back to the downtown core.  He repeated this several times and at the day's end, he'd netted almost $300. He sat on a crate amazed at his good fortune for a long moment, and then he went home with groceries for the family.

Over night, Bob decided to work the tomato business with all his wit... just to see if somebody really could "bootstrap their way up". And by the end of the first week he'd disciplined himself to rise early every morning and work all through the day.

He quickly multiplied and re-multiplied his profits. At the end of the second week he'd acquired a handcart to transport several boxes of tomatoes at a time, and before the month was up his wife had joined him, attracted by is enthusiasm and was selling on another street-corner.  

In the next month he'd traded-in the cart to put a down payment on a very old pickup truck and branched-off into gourmet vegetables.  after his 1st full year, Bob owned 3 old trucks and managed a family enterprise - as his sons had left their gangs. Two of the lads were helping him with the veggie business and the third attended community college, and was learning to keep the books.

At the end of year two, Bob owned a dozen "nearly-new" trucks and employed 15 previously unemployable people.  Everyone was selling tomatoes on choice corners. He continued to work hard and encouraged others to do likewise:  Project Bootstraps.  He dared people to claim the rewards of "earning-power".

Time passed quickly and everyone kept busy so at the end of the 5th year the family enterprise consisted of a fleet of trucks, a distribution warehouse that his wife supervised, plus two organic tomato farms and a hydroponic lettuce greenhouse that the youngest boy's girlfriend ran.  

They all lived well and profited from their hard-work ethic by playing hard too.  Soon enough the veggie company included a processing plant, a salsa brand and payroll with hundreds of previously jobless people on its list. Bob's son (now an MBA) reported to him that they'd grossed over 5 million dollars in sales at the end of year 6.

In year 7, planning for the future, Bob decided to buy some life insurance... just in case. Consulting with a financial adviser, he picked a plan to fit his circumstances. Following the mandatory physical, the insurance man asked him for his e-mail address so he could send him the official documents, his company having eliminated 78.2% of its paper use.

When Bob replied that he didn't have a computer and he had no e-mail address, the rep was stunned. "What do you mean you don't have e-mail? How come you don't have a computer? Bob you might be a millionaire but you're living in the stone-age...

"Just imagine where you'd be if you'd used the Internet when you started out your business years ago!

"Well that's easy enough to do," Bob replied, "...if I'd had the Internet 7 years ago I'd be sweeping floors for a little over $5.00 an hour in a high-tech firm downtown."


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