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«Win-Win-Win Thinking»



«Win-Win-Win Thinking» is a creativity tool that allows us consider the impact of an idea, concept or action on all the players, and on the whole process rather than the pieces each of them that represent. Simple, the exercise examines "common interests and mutual gains" so that everyone (or everything) concerned can profit from a proposed scenario.

In order for the "whole" to win, each and every part must win. The creative principle behind the concept is made clear by the shaman who sees men destroying the forest and understands the effect of its resulting erosion. Parts of a whole, rain washes the topsoil off to sea, lost forever. The shaman sees the men working for ego-centered profit, so he asks: "What will we do after we've destroyed the Earth - eat money?"



If an idea isn't a winner for everyone, if it doesn't recognize common interests or offer mutual gains, then it just ISN'T CREATIVE ENOUGH. Since creativity's Source is INFINITE, use others tool found in our toolbox and keeping working your idea until it's a global winner.

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