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According to the Research Institute for Social Change (RISC) there are 10 socio-psychological profiles wherefrom consumers decide how to buy. The research shows that a specific vocal tone will motivate each of them to purchase. These 10 profiles can be plotted in a grapth that looks like a hardboiled egg standing on its end... fewest at the top of the scale, many more in the middle range and few at the bottom. 

When I saw that pattern, I recognized how it looks like another scale I once studied - called : How people accept new ideas. In that study, it was found that only 3-5% of people are change-oriented visionaries who'll welcome new ideas. 5-10% of people are new paradigm pioneers who come onboard with new ideas once theyt've been accepted by the visionaries. Only 20-30% of people are even change-motivated while 40-60% are that “silent majority” who'll wait until everybody else gores first. 10% of people will remain “non-adopters”.



Take a look at the following scale and then determine who's who in your world. By understanding what consumer territory the people who surround belong to, you can select the tone of voice that is recommended to move them. At the top end of the territory scale, some people like to explore new potentials on their own and then decide, while at the bottom end, they require stability, and must be convinced and reassured before they'll entertain anything new.


 Like new ideas and are change-oriented

Territory A -

Territory B1 - B2

Territory C1 - C2 - C3 - C4

Territory D1 - D2

Territory E

Prefer stability to change


Territory A is looking for - Personal growth, Social involvement & Connectivity. The vocal tone to use with them: Persuade

Territory B1 is looking for - Community, Spirituality & Social responsibility. The vocal tone to use with them : Legitimize

Territory B2 is looking for - Independence, Experiences & Innovation . The vocal tone to use with them : Seduce and enliven

Territory C1 is looking for - Ritual, Loyalty, Duty & Convention. The vocal tone ito use with them : Build on trust

Territory C2 is looking for - Rules, Principles & Recognition. The vocal tone to use with them : Inform and position as real value

Territory C3 is looking for - Achievement, Exhibition & Trends. The vocal tone to use with them : Inform and position as prestige

Territory C4 is looking for - Material goods, Pleasure & Recognition. The tone vocal to use with them: Stimulate and flatter

Territory D1 is looking for - Structure, Control, Respect & Authority. The vocal tone to use with them: Demonstrate

Territory D2 is looking for - Sense of identity, Spontaneity & Future security. The vocal tone to use with them: Gratify

Territory E is looking for - Security, Freedom from worry & Courage. The vocal tone to use with them: Reassure

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