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How to thrive in a

"Predator/Prey" environment

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This is a primer on jungle strategy. Here, the pradator/prey relationship in known to benefit both. They have respect and ethic concerning Nature's three values: Structural capital, client capital and creative capital. How do you increase your « client capital »? In this definition "client capital" refers to your relationships and professional alliances with others - such as customers, suppliers, associates, collaborators and staff. Commercial exchange in a free-trade economy is a real art… and a warrior's skill. This very upbeat presentation will show entre- and intrapreneurs, market and sales people, and business managers how to prosper by finding opportunities to help others prosper.

See the predator/prey relationship as Nature's model doing business. We'll consider a client's « attention » to be the prey. In fact, we'll view commerce from the hunting perspective to learn how Nature's predators always practice win/win/win thinking. Species are "hard-wired" to practice "altruistic self-interest".

In the jungle, both predator and prey benefit from their relationship because they are obliged to become increasingly creative and strategic. Here successful predators learn all about their prey and know how to recognize the conditions that will help them thrive. In so doing, they find keys to their own survival. How can you help your customers? What do your clients need in order to thrive? Where can you become indispensible to them or how can you intervene tin such a way as to gain an advantage? Learn how predators effectively "stalk" their prey and discover which of four kinds of strategy can be used to build client loyalty.

Discover the five attitudes a successful hunter must cultivate to thrive.

Find out why global market conditions demand new market skills -like intent, vision, intuition, anticipation, actualisation, etc.- i.e. "inner skills". In the jungle the only rule is “survival of the wisest”. Enjoy an overview of business and the business of selling, from Nature's hype to the cyberspace jungles.




The following subjects offer a great view of how to thrive in free-market conditions:

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