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Ancient seers suggested we could latch onto anything with fibers of our "will". In their worldview, all is energy - including conscious thought - and so the old sorcerers suggested we can connect with people, things, situations, position, etc. across space-time by maintaining our consciousness on them. Anthropologist Carlos Castaneda elaborates on this idea in his books on Mesoamerican sorcery.

"Thinking makes it so..." say the philosopher and so "stalking" follows a thought until it becomes true. The "art of stalking" is a lot like "metaphysical fishing": Imagine luminous fibres of your will as fishing line linking you to whatever you desire. Once touched by your "will", your desire becomes an extension of you. "Reel it in", remembering the wisdom of the ages: "Line too tight... line break; line too loose.. fish get away."

Stalking is a magickal art that requires a perfect blend of ruthlessness, cunning, patience and sweetness. Because it transcends space and time, its only requirements are the will and the skill of the stalker. The art can be practiced by any person who's life energy has attained a specific cohesion or "intensity". this cohesion is an aspect of the motivating force and it's also a quality of will - somewhat like the inner fire of passion - which can be perceived as the sparkle of light in someone's eyes. Attaining passion's particular intensity of light lets a person extract the maximum from any situation because the universe reponds to the glow by releasing the "attractive force" - one of its 4 fundamental forces.

The key to mastering the art of stalking is "controlled folly". Folly refers to the human habit of relying on an inner dialogue to explain the outer world. Controlled folly is very really the practice of controlled deception, i.e. a sophisticated, disciplined and artistic way of remaining totally detached, even while in the thick of things in order to project the spin you want on an event. Controlled folly requires consciously linking with a "creating intent" which then provides the mood to contain the required "intensity" of energy.

"Creating intent" is the objective predetermination that governs the art of stalking; it extends beyond an individual stalker's perceptual limits and reaches everyone and everything that can respond. When subjectively linked with "creating intent", stalkers can detect an exquisite perfume, the recognition of which adds joy and humor to their intensity.

There are 3 precepts to the art of stalking:

a) Everything that surrounds us is an unfathomable and Infinite mystery;

b) We have a duty to unravel this mystery, knowing we never will;

c) Reconciling themselves to unravel this infinite potential, stalkers take their rightful place in the unfathomable and consider themselves a mystery as well. Stalkers are part of the whole, equal to everything worthy of all, and able to connect to anything, anywhere.

There are 7 principles to the art of stalking:

1. Choose your battleground;

2. Disregard everything that is unnecessary;

3. The finite game is part of an Infinite game - Be ready to make your last stand " here and now"; but not inanely, rather aligned with a "creating intent";

4. Remain detached, calm and unafraid - leave room for the Infinite;

5. When faced with odds you can't deal with, retreat within yourself for a moment to reassess , and adjust but don't drift away from your link with "creating intent";

6. Compress time; don't waste an instant;

7. Never push yourself to the front; don't act like you're in charge… act.

There are 4 kinds of stalker

Everyone is constantly filling various levels of need. By attaining sufficient "light intensity" a person consciously becomes a stalker and then can learn how to magically add quality to their life. Awareness of the science, personal radiance and practice are the only factors that determine one's potential.

The four kinds of stalkers are basic personality types:

Nice ones

Very fluid personalities. People who are serviceable, concerned, domestic, humane, sweet but not-nurturing. They need direction because they can't function alone. They are perfect assistants, secretaries, companions, aides, etc. They can stalk because they have the aura of being likable.

Nasty ones

Self-centered personalities. People who are petty, vindictive, envious and jealous. They are concerned exclusively about their own needs, talk themselves up and demean others. They expect people and situations to conform to their will. They are petty farts who'd kill to be true leaders. They stalk from behind the cowl of being disliked or victimized by others.

Indifferent ones

Neither nice nor nasty personalities. People who serve no one and yet don't impose themselves on others. They'll have exalted opinions of themselves derived from dreaming, planning and wishing thinking. They also waste their extraordinary talents by hoping things would happen and waiting to be discovered!!. They have a facility for creating the illusion that wonders are about to happen to them. They stalk from behind smoke and mirors.

Magical ones

Anyone from the 3 previous groups who masters the art, fulfilling their own needs to then helps others develop their talent.

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