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How human nature is

creative and innovative 

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Creativity and innovation - those new buzz words of politicians and corporate CEOs - are as yet little understood by most people.

What constitutes an innovation? Who is innovative and how? Is most everyone creative? Or intelligent? What kind of conditions favor breakthrough thinking? What about luck and chance?

This seminar is for people expected to discover new markets, clients, products, tools, services or techniques.

Take a short-cut. Jump-start your creative juices with this brain tonic.

Synopsis: Even if science can completely demystify « brain-mind » and the creative process, this doesn't help if people don't understand how their own creativity emerges. Why struggle for solutions when you can plan the breakthroughs that'll lead your industry? Find out everything you need to know about innovation and innovators.

During this dynamic and highly motivational presentation, Suzy and I will lay bare "creative thinking" and we'll introduce you to innovation as a value-adding exercise in a competive world.

We'll bring creativity and genius out of the mythic realm and into the everyday world of "new and improved", "doing more with less" and "live happily ever after".

We'll address the following topics:

This presentation can be ordered in one of several formats.

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