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Everything is energy - including you and I. We are energy contained in forces which are assembled into form. The human form includes its "sphere of consciousness" - its aura - which can be understood from center to circumference. Think of a volcano venting the molten core of the Earth or the incredible forces in the black hole at the center of the Galaxy and then you can wonder about the power at the center of your own sphere.

The center of the human body corresponds with the base of the spine and its circumference is above the top of the head. A vertical ascent of energy concentrated in the center of the spinal cord (the shushuma) into the brain can completely "charge" your nervous system. Imagine a dimmer switch increasing the light in a room - and then imagine that you can increase your inner power by raising "your awareness" with this dynamic exercise. The exercise is also known as Waking The Soul, Raising Kundalini, The Sacred Fountain, Vertical Zip or other names, depending on the tradition.


This dynamic tool should be used in conjunction with "Empowered thinking".

Raising your inner fire begins with 7 deep and rapid breaths (inhalation/ exhalation) followed by an 8th. - a deep inhalation that's held for a moment before it is released as a vocal exhalation. The 7 quick breaths use a technique called "inverse pranayama".

From Sanskrit, prana refers the energy contained by the "air" that we breath; yama refers to transforming that energy with the mental power of concentration. Pranayama is deep rythmic breathing in which we fill our mind with the volume, force, texture and vitality of the air we inhale and exhale. Inverse pranayama involves consciously bringing in air to first fill the center of the body, expanding outwards and upwards to fill the lungs and the whole noosphere.

Practice each step in the technique to familiarize yourself with it. Breathing deeply might stretch tiissues not used to it and breathly deeply might make you dizzy at first - so procede slowly and cautiously. Hold onto the back of a chair to steady yourself. the first few times you do this.

Breath in from your nose, dynamically bringing a steady stream of air directly into the bottom of your stomach. As prana enters your body, contract your diaphram (suck in your gut) and lift your thoracic cage, filling your lungs, you chest and youself to overflow. When completely filled, exhale the air from your mouth, completely relaxing from the neck and shoulders down, allowing the stomack to release outward.

The technique involves 7 deep inhalations/exhalations cycles 7 times, while concentrating that energy and directing it. At the completion of each cycle, take a deep inhalation, visualize your exhalation as you "tone" and slowly directed the vibration to one of 7 "chakras".

Toning your breath is a easy as making a noise while you exhale. A chakra is a Sanskrit word that refers to energy-correspondences to our endocrine-immune system. A part of the Central Nervous System, when stimulated the endocrines release hormones into the bloodstream and these select neurotransmitters in the brain.

The following recipe releases a hormonal blend that modifies the brain/mind by increasing its personal power.

Raise Your Inner Fire

Stand up straight with your feet spaced shoulder width apart and your arms and hands down by your sides. (Hold onto the back of a chair the first few times you do this until you develop sufficient balance.)

After the exercise, take some time to regain your normal breathing pattern and to let your body and brain/brain integrate the energy-boost.

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