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« Enlightened thinking »



This exercise in "relaxed contemplation" is a powerful tool that considers the impact of plans, goals or objectives BEFORE putting them into play. Used to see how significant decisions can affect others, the technique allows us to preview the potential fall-out of an idea or project, or to predict the effect of a decision, and to prevent, minimize or repair any negative impact FIRST, in the design stages.

Relax and consider the "full spectrum" of intelligence contained in your decisions.


Plan some quality time where you can relax. Alone or in a group, note and register your perceptions as you allow your mind to ascend through the following “ 8 levels of awareness ”.

As the future requires a more en-light-ened state of mind, ask yourself the following 10 important questions as you think through the full Light spectrum.

Empty your mind and let your authentic "in here" respond:

The red ray looks unto the physical dimensions of the idea. In this perspective, foresee :

1. What will be done, in what delays?

2. Then jump ahead into that desired future where the idea has been implemented or the project completed to see - in retrospect - how it was done?

Jumping ahead and visualizing back to the present allows you to foresee, prevent, minimize or repair any negative impact.

Look at the emotional dimension of the idea with the orange ray. Examine its impact on people and resources:

3. What are the emotional and physical repercussions on the human resources or the people committed to the project?

4. What are the repercussions of this decision on the material resources?

With the yellow ray, we examine any intellectual resistance -

5. What positive logic can be used in order to plan strategies that minimize any resistance?

The green ray looks into spiritual values -

6. With common interests in light of mutual gains as the universal politic, how can this idea evolve in an ideal way?

The blue ray considers the need for a creative consensus :

7. How can we be sure all required agreements can be obtained in what time frames?

The indigo ray is a look at actions and their requirements:

8. What can be done immediately?

The violet ray looks into continuity and renewal -

9. What follow-up mechanisms can be put together to assure a creative management of all this?

A pure Light ray opens onto global connectivity -

10. Link all the faces and all the tasks - in common interests for mutual gain - to the follow-up mechanisms and the time frames, and then create a state of receptivity to « the idea of good ».


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