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Ancient Sorcerer-scientists from 1100BC Costa Rica knew the Sun was a creative force and was the source of all of life on Earth. Modern science confirms that they were right. Those first Americans learned to use the Sun's energy to replenish their own energy and thus lived vigorous and stress-free lives.


The following breathing exercises act directly on the body's energy reserves. They should become an indispensable part of an exercise routine as they allow extra energy to gather in our storage banks. They also awaken the neuropathways that operate the energy release systems. The technique then allows us to store and release "extra energy" as needed. Then, instead of being depleted by stress, we can draw on surplus energy for extraordinary tasks whenever the need.

Exercise 1 - "Draw in the Sun"

Intent: To gather the energy used breathing and direct it where you will place your attention (to a specific organ, a thought, a person, a memory, a thing, a place, etc...)


. Face the Sun with your eyes closed;

. Breath deeply &endash; inhaling through your mouth to pull the Sun's warmth and light into your stomach;

. Hold it there for as long as you can, then swallow the heat and then exhale the air totally.

. Repeat 3 times
Exercise 2 - "Move the Sun"

Intent: To transfer the force used in breathing to the base of the neck, then between the shoulder blades and down to the base of the spine.


.Face the Sun with your eyes closed;

.Take a deep breath - inhaling up through your nostrils; have the energy of breathing meet as a single point at the top of your nose, between the eyes, where...

.You visualize the sun's light flowing in through your eyelids, to that single point and then straight through to the back of your head and then down your spine to irs base, energizing channels and wiring along the way.


.The body has various areas tthat need to can stimulated by the Sun; there are three conjunctions on the back, for example, which respond to its ultraviolet rays; when the naked back is exposed to sunlight, the personality is modified a trace by the release of chemicals from the pineal gland.

.You can bypass putting your attention on breathing by ingesting the Sun's energy directly with your stomach, back or chest or try bringing its energy up out of the ground by the sole of your feet; this is great on a sandy beach.

.Draw the Sun's energy into your forehead, to a point between your eyes; absorb as much of its vitality as you can by inhaling slowly to the top of your nose, holding your breath for an instant, then rolling you eyes clockwise before exhaling

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