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Why Nature favors personal power

and empowerment

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This is about accessing Nature's power grid. This lesson has everything to do with creative self-empowerment from the jungle perspective. Here survival is more than an abstract concept. Contrary to popular lore, rather than the ferocious winning, it is rather the ingenious who win-win-win with ideas on adaptation, mutualism, interdependence and team building. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

We'll begin by demonstrating how quantum "team spirit" (as universal energy) is distributed, how it is assemblen how it can be accessed and how it can be used for fun and profit (or prophet).

During this unique training experience, Suzy and I demystify how the human mind is motivated and how it is subject to abstract and universal laws of POWER. We'll also explain how to transcend your perceptual limits and habitual reactions, and how to identify the key mechanisms that animate your ways of dealing with everyday challenges.

In addition to this, we'll show you how your thinking style can be adapted to your needs and we'll facilitate your exploration of several tools designed to help us manage vital and transactional energies.

Learn about strategies that anticipate resistance to new ideas and how to use stress as a positive catalyst. Find out why strength of character and inner power can result from a self-empowerment program.

Participants have claimed this session is the most uplifting one they have ever experienced.

Try it for yourself and find out about Nature's intelligence distribution grid.

The following themes will animated with clarity, humor and simplicity:

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