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"Divergent-Convergent thinking" is a tool developed by author Gabrièle Lusser Rico who calls it "grouping". Tony Buzan also describes a version he calls "mind-mapping". The exercise stimulates the imagination and allow us to move away from a point or pre-conceived concept without getting lost. Because it uses an open structure and "free association", it lets us to explore new concepts and thoughts and thereby add to our thinking.

Develop complete scenarios around a new idea and keep a disciplined focus on the creative intent of the exercise by using the following checklist:



Divergent thinking allows you to expand and organize your thoughts, to clarify your position or direction, to explore options, analyze subjects and creatively examine new possibilities.

"Convergence" teaches you to change your mind rapidly and to effortlessly consider common interests. It encourages you to examine different views and to explore unifying perspectives of thought.

Make connections and relationships. Use metaphores, analogies and comparisons to generate new ideas. Look for material outside of your normal field of interest.

Take creative risks. If you want original and innovative ideas,you've got to break old thinking habits and start doing your "automatic reflexes" in different ways. This means taking a walk on the wild side... exploring the unknown and the new. Put on your explorer's pithe helmet.

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