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The creative process begins with choosing how to perceive. The empowerment process begins with choosing wisely.

Are you making good choices for yourself? How do you choose?

Ultimately, each of us is responsible for our decisions. We choose and we become.

We can choose to experience utopia or oblivion. Utopia begins by embracing change and then learning how to choose. Oblivion requires no further participation. The following reflection is designed to allow you to question how you make choices. Objective subjectivity will let you to make corrections where you think necessary or beneficial.

  1. Have I accepted the truth that no one can choose for me, that I have ultimate responsibility for all of my life decisions?
  2. How do I know that I am making the best choices for myself?
  3. How have I made choices in the past?
  4. To what extent have my past choices benefitted me?
  5. Do I gather enough information to make a wise choices?
  6. Are my choices more often Ego-stroked (gratification), Self-satisfying (pie-in-the-sky-after-I-die) or good for all of me?
  7. Am I processing information in a biased way?
  8. To what paradigm does my reflection belong? (Reactive, Proactive, Creative, Magical)
  9. To what paradigm does my final decision belong? (Reactive, Proactive, Creative, Magical)
  10. How can I make better choices?


... And then comes the ultimate moment of choice. Ego (left-brain orientation) makes the choice and Self (right-brain mentation) experiences the consequences. Here is a reflective procedure to stimulate your intuition before you choose: This reflection will ease decision making:

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