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« Lessons from the jungle...* »


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*More than a metaphor, Lawrence Poole's «Lessons from the jungle...» describe the management principles championed in Nature. For more than 25 years Lawrence has been devoted to translating the deep wisdom that is found animating the natural world into learning models. A paraplegic, he is - with little doubt - the only researcher on Earth who treks tropical jungles ... in a wheelchair.

Using "springboard stories" and entertaining multimedia presentations*, Lawrence demystifies Nature's creative strategies and rules. Springboard stories inspire by exploring a theme - from beginning through a middle, unfolding to a conclusion. The audience is then invited to make a leap in understanding - from the context expained in the story, to their own context in regards to the chosen theme. Participants are guided to see how an organization, a community or a system, can behave and change - for example how it can innovate or become empowered, etc., and are then given the tools to benefit their own environment.

The objective of telling a «springboard story » is to allow the audience to acquire important information.

*Multimedia presentations include PowerPoint with images, video, audio (and even odors from the tropical jungle) to illustrate the management principles described. The idea is to create an atmosphere that encourages learning.

Under the « Lessons from the jungle... » banner, Lawrence animates the following presentations:

Lawrence also animate the following 2.5 hour educational seminars. These are presented as theatrical performances that engage the audience in an interactive learning format. Ask us for details.

Contact us to discuss a made-to-measure presentation.

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