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How would you like to

visit Costa Rica for FREE?

Just join the "Mayamü Touring Club"

Tour leader opportunities: Nothing is really free; you'll be working your fare. Prosperity incubation has to do with giving material form to a creative intent. Form a group of 8 or more --and bottom line: our club formula shares any profits with our affiliates. We'll meet you at the Juan Santamaria Airport in Costa Rica. You'll have taken care of the local promotion and coordination for a 7, 10 or 14 day heuristic theme-adventure over specific dates and will help manage your "group's dynamic" while on tour. Get something going with your community, association or business network. You can work with students, adults looking for personal growth, business people, seniors or 50+ walking clubs, people with special needs, etc.. Maybe you'd like animate a theme yourself and have us arrange the logistics for you. Email us for details.

Associations. We've made the arrangements. Our theme tours can accommodate one freebie for every 15 paid participants. When you promote and organize one of our packages to Costa Rica with your group, your own adventure is FREE. Start planning now. Summer, spring or winter departures. Disability groups click here.

Teachers: A full classroom - 30 students - means two teachers, parents or guides travel FREE. Ask about our class-project fund raising ideas. Students will receive a beautiful certificate in creativity training. Recently 25 Montreal area high school students shared a fantastic two weeks in Costa Rica immediately after their graduation in June. They'd participated in our « “I, Inc.” » program since the previous September and had raised enough money with various activities to bring the three teachers who helped them stay on target and reach their goal.

Help a student participate in a great "personal development program", see young people gain a whopping good dose of self-esteem and have fun while discovering their own view of paradise at the same time… for FREE. A great incentive for christmas or spring break and summer recess.

Entrepreneurs and CEO's: Profit from the same deal. Bring a team for training and you'll find a complete package - including outstanding eco-adventures - costs about the same as what you'd pay locally for 2-days of workshops.

The quality of our training (our heuristic programs are considered the most empowering education possible because participants trace new "neural imprints" of direct experience in the very best learning conditions), the motivational incentive involved in the experience of learning from Nature and the empowering after-effects are "value added". The wonder of an exotic travel location is just a cherry on the cake. Ask your local authorities about tax credits for training and/or business travel expenses.

Families: Unless you've been real busy so as to produce a clan… 12 is a group - we'll be flexible on what constitutes an extended family and always give you our best possible deal. Come and trek for the power, pleasure and health of" la familia". Email us today.

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