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Instituto Internacional de Desarrollo Creativo

designs small group theme tours into Nature's greatest classroom:

The Park System of Costa Rica


During our tours…

Participants not only explore the incomparable beauty of America's tropical ecology, they discover important cultural ideas and personal development strategies.

Our tours demystify « Lessons from the jungle… » of concern to people with an interest in human motivation, creative intelligence and self-empowerment. We use experiences in Nature to mirror the wisdom taught by the civilization who existed here from 400BC back into antiquity. We explain how they related four ways of thinking that can be named the "reactive, proactive, creative and evolutionary paradigms".

Come and experience an incredible adventure in outstanding natural sites and learn what Mesoamerican sorcerers knew about human potential. Enjoy the awesome diversity of flora and fauna and breathtaking vistas of Costa Rica which have been specially chosen to enhance learning the different themes presented.

The benefits and advantages of our small group adventures

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