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« How To Build A High Performance Team »

Shorten your learning curve with an incentive week focused on

the motivation, strategy and empowerment

needed to build « high performance teams ».


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Welcome to "heuristic training" in Costa Rica  (Top)

Today's business climate - "change at the speed of thought" - has created a need for rapid-response teams who will come together quickly and for shorter timeframes. Consider then, how team building and the self-empowerment needed to participate effectively in teams are more than just theoretical ideas.

This one week agenda examines how people from different cultures, backgrounds and mindsets can come together and « gel » into creative and effective teams.

The program is an adventure in learning which offers participants a fascinating opportunity to explore the creative self-empowerment process. The itinerary will expose them to themes that will demystify why "altruistic self-interest" is Nature's rule for "building high performance teams". 

From the Greek for "self-discovery", heuristic learning uses a simple formula to shorten the learning curve:

[Left-brain knowledge] + [Right-brain experience] = [Whole-brain "empowerment"]. 

Our training program includes logical syntheses that explain how people can develop their « creative capital » in a team context : i.e. Self-organization in groups, motivated creativity and innovation, communication, personal power and self-actualization.

The week will stimulate participants to explore team-building with activities, seminars and exercises and an exciting agenda of adventures where they will forge strong bonds. The curriculum shares valuable knowledge and important tools which show how to creatively manage both people and projects.

Benefiting from a veritable eco-paradise, a democratic island of peace, participants tour Costa Rica and explore a rainforest jungle, a cloudforest, a montane forest and a tropical mixed forest, the jungle canopy, a crocodile-filled rio, a saltwater mangrove and Pacific coast beaches. 

Groups can become empowered teams in only 1 week 

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General Objectives of the Training Week (Top)

This team-building week is designed so the participants gain an important understanding of themselves and clear insights into their creative expression. They will explore the concept of relationships in "self-organizing teams" and learn how individuals can organize for high efficiency and performance.

The group will see how neural mindsets limit perception and learn what they can do about it. They will explore ideas like interdependency and synergy in group dynamics and how to communicate and work more effectively and creatively with others. They will acquire an empowering selection of tools, syntheses and exercises.

This training week will help participants &endash;

  • Assess their views & reactions to change ;
  • Complete a personal "journal", a team vision and an action plan ;
  • Understand and increase team spirit ;
  • Learn how and why to invest in their "creative capital" ;
  • Mobilize and develop talents and ideas ;
  • Enhance their communication skills ;
  • Commit to being contributing members of an empowered team ;
  • Adjust their mindsets to respond more creatively to new situations ;
  • Lead & manage change .

See the Daily Agenda of our team-building week In Costa Rica

Gestion Consult-IIDC Management Inc. heuristic training programs help participants enhance their capacity to think creatively and strategically while demystifying Nature's management rule to be - "altruistic self-interest".

We supply tools and opportunities to explore important learning with direct mind-shaping experience.

We have several educational itineraries of great interest to leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, professionals, independent workers, project and management teams and persons interested in human potential and growth. Our heuristic training adventures (self-discovery) facilitate creative self-empowerment and personal vision. By organizing a theme based agenda in completely "out of the box" locations, we bypass participants' familiar biases and paradigms to shorten the learning curve.

Heuristic training adventures allow participants to reach deeper understandings, at their own rate, by generating the appropriate psycho-spiritual framework to benefit from 4 important learning elements: An ideal environment, stimulating adventures, a fascinating curriculum of logical syntheses and direct experience with subjective emotional commitment.

Training in natural settings and travel to international locations are considered to be incentives and rewards by most people. Powerful and positive anticipation is felt when we consider a "tropical getaway" and that energy can be focused into a motivating force. That force contained in a program where participants learn how to increase their « creative capital », their « client capital » or learn how to become a « high performance team ».

A beautiful and exotic site automatically creates wonder and opens the mind so it is receptive to new information and ready for "deep learning". Also, the need to adapt to a foreign culture tends to increase group exchanges and info-sharing, while shared adventures supply emotional immediacy and "team spirit". Accomplishment makes remembering lessons learned more pleasant, easier and thereby more likely to be recalled to be used.

Our programs help clients: Spark creativity or build high performance teams around innovative ideas and projects × Increase sales or profit margins a predetermined amount × Get "buy-in" for business plans or changes in direction × Reduce variable costs by predetermined and fixed amounts × Plan strategy or determine policy changes × Plan or to reward penetration of new markets or to increases market share × Generate new thinking in terms of products, services, business processes or structures × Improve "client capital" × Build morale, lessen stress and illness × Build alliances and reduce employee turnover × Facilitate recruitment and reassignment × Empower employees, collaborators, associates and allies × Reward


On behalf of our clients, Gestion Consult-IIDC Management Inc. designs, manages and animates educational adventures that are stimulating and rewarding. We teach leadership and self-empowerment principles found in Nature and help our customers achieve their strategic aims.

  • Custom design training programs that develop a creative and empowered leadership;
  • Include incentive and "reward" travel in our training programs ;
  • Create motivating promotional campaigns that can include - Themes, artwork, promo items, mail and Internet campaigns, progress tracking, follow-up and reminders, certificates, etc. ;
  • Offer complete time limited packages managed by seasoned planning experts ;
  • Produce clear, concise, participants instructions and client reports ;
  • Establish a countdown calendar and preparations check list ;
  • Consult and assist every aspect of the process :
    1. Help establish goals and «communications» plan
    2. Compute value of direct benefits generated
    3. Compute budgets and costs
    4. Establish length and other terms for an incentive program
    5. Set participation criteria and qualification rules
    6. Make all logistical arrangements
    7. Create a communications theme that excites, stimulates and rewards.
  • Manage every step of the way - all we need is an OK and a participant list.
  • Negotiate very competitive prices with service providers and pass on benefits.

What else you can expect from Consult-IIDC… (Top)

  • We provide all the needed pre-planning work, including in-house presentations.
  • We work with your top management to assure program structure answers precise needs.
  • We train your in-house staff on how to help maximize the training event.
  • We complete multimedia promotional tools.
  • We furnish timely communications to keep participants enthused and aware.
  • We supply all pre-trip information - from weather reports to required travel documents.
  • We make arrangements for special related functions.
  • We coordinate premium gifts and company logo items.
  • We can establish a hospitality desk to serve every participant need.
  • We have programs for every budget.

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