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From our "Lessons from the jungle..." series:

Building High Performance Teams

Heuristic* training program in Costa Rica

(*Shortens the learning curve by combining ideal environments,

exciting adventures, stimulating curriculum and important tools

in which participants experience Nature's own rules of

motivation, strategy, empowerment and self-organization

needed to build a high performance team.) 

Educational adventures in exotic locations are thought motivating incentives and rewards by most people.




Daily agenda

- 7 days - 7 nights - 6 outstanding adventures - 6 important lessons - More than a dozen tools and techniques - Expert animation and facilitation -

The first day begins at 07:30 and trainees must already be briefed for their 1st adventure As participants arrive from everywhere, days before the 1st Training Day are called "staging days". One and sometimes two or three staging days can be required to assemble larger groups so participants gather in a comfortable Inn near the Airport. When a team is gathered we begin with bienvenidos, introductions and a few "lessons from the jungle..."

Training Day 1

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Adventure : Visit Poas Volcano National Park

Drive to Coast

Training theme: "The High Performance Team And Real Communications" - Team building exercise "Seeing together".

PM - Transfer to a beautiful Jungle Lodge nestled against the Carara National Park in the Central Pacific zone

Training Day 2

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Adventure : Guided Jungle Trek and "Skywalk"


Training theme : "Outstanding Teams From Creative Self-Management" - Team-building exercise : «Lost in the Jungle» and seminar at the Lodge: Creativity and subjective limits…our personal paradigms - and what to do about it.

Training Day 3

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Adventure : Cruise Down Crocodile River


Training theme : "Brain/Mind And Inner Maps & Outer Expectations" - Team building exercise followed by a «Lesson fron the jungle… and discussion on: The need for creative intelligence and innovation- and what to do about it.

Training Day 4

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Adventure : Climb Jungle Canopy


Training theme: "Individuals, Groups And Teams" - Team building exercize back at the Lodge, and « Lesson from the jungle…» answers why Nature insists on self-motivated creativity - and what to do about it.

Training Day 5

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Adventure : Beach Bar-B-Q and "Treasure Hunt"


Training theme : "Self-Empowerment In Personal And Professional Life" - A team-building serie of discoveries via a Treasure Hunt at Gold and White Beaches. Meanwhile, back at the lodge, a late night lesson from the jungle… Why Nature favors personal power and empowerment - and what to do about it.


Training Day 6

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Adventure : Hike to Waterfall in a Mystic Cloudforest and Celebration Dinner Show on a Mountaintop

Training theme: "Rising To All Occasions... The High Performance Team" - A team building test : Examine Nature's slant on self-management and self-actualization in the context of a high performance team. And then draw up a strategic action plan and move to a mgical place for a Dinnershow.


Depart Day 7

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Transfer to Airport

Theme : "Power Walk" And Power Talk" - Then....stop for souvenirs and Costa Rican coffee before you board for the flight home, or at one of numerous hotels from where you can extend your stay.

Day 1 agenda




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You'll be taken to the Poas Volcano National Park by air-conditioned Coaster to learn about the 2 sides of one of the key ingredients in building teams: Real Communication. Trek the amazing cloudforest wonderland and caze directly into a live crater and climb to another filled with the primordial soup. After lunch, in coffee country, hear how those craters are symbols in a creation myth. Then move to a comfortable Jungle Lodge tucked against the Carara Biological Reserve in Costa Rica's Central Pacific zone. Following a breathtaking drive down the mountains from the Central Valley, you might want to freshen up in your spacious room, in this secluded enclave. Take a swim in the pool, explore the lush tropical gardens or the jungle paths just beyond,

Group intructions - ice breakers. An overview of the week and its objectives. A few rules of the jungle and a bit of advice intended to make this a great experience and an outstanding 7 days.


Day 2 agenda




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Begin the day with an early morning trek along a series of easy jungle trails and suspended bridges. Explore a wondrous rainforest of century old trees before entering the Carara Biological Reserve, considered one of the most fascinating parks of Costa Rica. Visit two overlapping biozones - the North's dry Pacific forest and the Southern rainforest. Blessed with an incredible biodiversity, the Reserve is the last refuge of the Scarlet Macaw, among other species. Your naturalist-guides will help you see the forest in spite of the trees and the thousands of other flora and fauna. Your training-guide will help you recognize how Nature manages via "self-organizing systems".

Maybe you'll decide to take a meeting - or a dip- before the next activity. After lunch, in the gardens by the pool, Suzy and Lawrence will facilitate a learning exercise called "Lost in the jungle". It will demonstrate the effects of "perception" on team dynamics and will illustrate the premise of the tonight's after-dinner conference - that we live in a world of paradigms. Lawrence will explore a powerful «Lesson from the jungle…» to explain how perception is limited by neurology, and what we can do about it.


Day 3 agenda


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Today, we're off on an exciting river adventure. Visit the last home of the giant American crocodile. Cruise down a lazy jungle river to its estuary and "get up close and personal" - with these prehistoric survivors while learning about your own prehistoric wiring. Naturalist-guides will explain the estuary's complex biosystem as well as point out the many native and migratory bird species that live in the reserve while training-guides explain how Nature manages "creative intelligence".

Later in the afternoon - in the gardens by the pool - a team building exercise will bring the focus on leadership, communication and team spirit. Later on, after explaining the creative process used by Nature's self-organizing systems, Lawrence will animate a group discussion on creativity and innovation.


Day 4 agenda



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First divide into problem solving units that will seek an overview: You'll climb into the canopy - the penthouse where 70% of jungle life exists. A naturalist-guide will explain the great biodiversity and the importance of life above "the fray". To participate in this activity, the adventure-guides will explain how to climb up to a first platform, high in a giant tree, strapped in a harness, to then zip through the treetops along cables to other platforms and so on, across the forest. The traning-guides will have explained how to reach 4 kinds of courage.

This day, individual groups will sneak off to swing from trees during a "plenary" at the Lodge. In spirited discussions, you'll discover everything we need to know about personal and organizational needs and find out where motivated creativity fits into the overall plan. The "climbteams" will have prepared a skit for a "dinner show" on the pitfalls of self-management.


Day 5 agenda



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A 700 acre tropical beach resort - where the jungle meets the sea - invites us to use their spacious facilities, meeting rooms, white and gold sand beaches, turquoise waters, swimming pools, jacuzzis, tennis courts, water sports and much, much more, so we do some serious work. Big teams, little teams, flexi-teams, mixed teams, instant teams, high-performance teams --- you'll explore the details and the "best practices".

Participants will have the run of the resort &endash; before during and after a Beach Bar-B-Q &endash; and they will actively involved in a most unusual "treasure hunt". They look for visions of ideal and TQL (total quality life) and barriers. It'll all make sense when it's detailed, but in the meantime imagine finding the key to personal power.

Tonight, back to the lodge, we'll hear an amazing story about a powerful idea.


Day 6 agenda





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At an outstanding 650 feet, discover the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica; it will require a 5km hike up a moutain, along a wide, steep, dirt lane to the cloudforest home of Quetzals, Toucans, Blue Motmots and many other unusual species. This level 3-4 hike, will expose you to some of the most spectacular scenes imaginable, as you'll be hundreds of meters high, overlooking mountains, valleys, jungles, with breathtaking oceanviews.

On your rather arduous trek up the moutain to the waterfall, you will carry a backpack full of symbols gathered over the week and representing limits to your wellbeing, your personal power and your optimum contribution to the team. Once at the forest entrance, you'll need team work to get down a very steep &endash; and rather dangerous &endash; 15 minute long footpath. Bring your swimming trunks as the cascada has 10 very inviting natural pools.

It'll be much easier coming back down. After lunch you'll contribute to a strategic plan. Later, you'll prepare a skit on what you've learned for the "before dinner show". At sunset, in a spectacular amphitheatre atop a mountain overlooking the Pacific, Lawrence will tell a Central American myth that reveals on how the creating spirit in Nature sees human potential, and then the group will perform El Teatro Allegrio. Then celebrate the week's team-building adventure with fine dining in an absolutely magical locale.


Day 7 agenda



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Power walk, Breakfast and Power talk : The recapitulation

Suzy will lead an early morning "power walk", Lawrence will recap what you've learned through all experiences and classes at "a power breakfast". Then you may want a last dip in the pool or stroll through the gardens. Only time left to pack our bags, before boarding the Coaster for the 90-minute winding drive up from the coast to the Central Valley.

You'll stop for souvenirs and Costa Rican coffee before being deposited at the Airport for your flight home, or at one of numerous hotels from where you can extend your stay.


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