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Lessons from the jungle…


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Self-empowerment is more than a theoretical pursuit. This management training package is a small-group voyage of discovery exposing, day after day, the themes and syntheses that demystify a joyous, creative and powerful life. The activities - visits to different biozones, excursions and guided treks, seminars, classes, etc. - have been carefully chosen to optimize your jungle experience. This is the perfect stimulation for people wanting to connect with Nature's beauty, strategy, creativity and power, and with Life's survival processes.

Devote a week to learning a simple formula: [Left-brain knowledge] + [Right-brain experience] = [Whole-brain wisdom]. The program includes the logical syntheses that demystify creative capital: i.e. motivation, self-esteem, creative intelligence, empowerment and self-actualization. The program's heursitic learning format and ecoadventures stimulate the soul by exposing participants to excitement and wonder in the mirror of the beauty of primal Nature: a tropical jungle.

Learn about the « deep wisdom » animating creation's amazing biodiversity, from its Pacific ocean reefs, rios and mangroves, tropical beaches and "rich coast" forests, from jungle floor to the treetops. Check out the benefits of this tour and read what experts think of the power of incentive travel as a learning tool by clicking -> incentive, then clicking «Back» on your browser to return here. Check out the adventure in learning's itinerary by clicking -> daily.


This training is for people going through transformations of all kinds, i.e. adjusting to new conditions provoked by mergers, restructuring, and by changes in culture, market conditions, personal circumstance or direction. Its for people who manage other people, projects or mandates. Its who people required to know about motivation, innovation, creativity, intelligence and empowerment. Its for executives, professionals, managers, teachers, students and people called on lead. See the itinerary. 

The Way of the Jaguar-kings (top)

A 14 day journey of empowerment !

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This heuristic learning adventure is animated for small groups, associations and clubs; it can be taught in English, French or Spanish. Thousands of years ago, the Olmec sorcerers of Mesoamerica perceived life as a co-creative process in which every person was a star player. From Peru through Mexico (their traces can be found as far north as New York State) these Protomayan people lived in an unbelievable and exotic world. They lived in « paradise », what they called "the Heart of hearts in the World of worlds".

They developped an ideal social structure based on a person being Quetzalcoatl, a "Feathered Serpent". Symbolically the serpent represents the brain and spinal cord - i.e. the human central nervous system. The feathers of the Quetzal - Central America's sacred bird and harbinger of paradise - denote the mind taking creative flight. Be creative.

« The Way of the Jaguar-kings » is 14 days of adventures demystify the “who, what, how and why” of human motivation, creative intelligence and personal power. While testing your appreciation of beauty, explore how that earlier culture used their science to transform the jungle wilderness into a veritable Eden and, according to legend, to guide them in an ascension from this world to another - without knowing death.

Costa Rica offers a perfect backdrop to the deep wisdom in Creation - it was a favorite campus over 3000 years ago. As did the Jaguar-kings, come to Costa Rica to learn how to leave stress behind. Be amazed, amused and aware; increase your energy, tune your emotions, empower your mind and free your spirit on a great vacation. Experience an incredible abundance of Nature and incredible beauty.

Empowerment is more than theory. This small-group tour is an inner and outer journey of discovery that exposes, day after day, and one after the other, themes that explain how to achieve a creative, joyful and even magickal life. Every activity - i.e. visits to various biozones and guided treks, and seminars, workshops, etc., - is selected to maximize your experience with a "sylvantherapy tonic". “The Way of the Jaguar-kings is the perfect adventure for people wanting to connect with beauty, passion, self, Nature and Life. Check out the daily itinerary by clicking -> daily.


See the itinerary.

Increase your “client capital”

with a heuristic training tour!

learn about "passion" in selling!

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This is for people selling goods, services and ideas to other people. In tropical rainforests, species learn "best practices" with mimicry - i.e. by seeing what works and imitating it. This idea can used to train people to achieve greater results in sales. We'll begin by discussing commercial exchange, and then examine what needs to be done "to persuade another" to act. We'll stimulate tour participants to discover "what works", so that they can discover a passion for "selling". This « heuristic training program » is designed to help participants explore the motivation, strategy and creativity of the top performers.

Participants will experience "whole-brain" learning with exciting tours, stimulating seminars and activities led by expert guides. For many reasons - including its remarkable beauty, user-friendly ecology and warm people - Costa Rica is the perfect classroom where to examine skills that cultivate "client capital".

Our learning concept is based on the power maps. Maps allow people to explore a determined area and point out specific parameters within that area to be explored. This program reveals the syntheses that demystify personal motivation, sales strategy and creative self-empowerment, and it stimulates participants to examine the themes with appropriate tools, learning aids, adventures and visits. Travelers self-educate. They etch new neural connections and impress them into very vivid memories.

This training week is a thorough look at "how to add value in the art commercial exchange". Stimulating the participants own self-interest, the program's focus is to show how to develop and manage ourselves so as to better harvest «client capital».


The tour is an empowering educational incentive for new and veteran marketing people, sales managers and trainers, it's for reps and support teams and for professionals and service providers who must sell ideas to others. It is also an incredibly tonic for small entrepreneurs who need a sales program. Project teams can consider this a week that kicks off an initiative and it is an incentive to seal a deal or special training to motivate a new sales team and to stimulate or reward a marketing effort. See the daily itinerary.

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