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 You, The Serpent &

The Tree Of Life

“Let there be Light... and quantum magic”


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Nature's Law... as sorcery applied (Top)

Springboard stories are not told to be believed nor disbelieved. Springboard stories are vehicles for transferring information. They allow people to grasp a whole potential in one context - an entertaining story - and see how they can apply it in another context - their own reality.

Springboard stories speak to both parts of the human mind - its reason and its emotion. They provide a tool for articulating and focusing a vision. They allow a medium for common understanding, both within an organization - one's colleagues and rivals - and externally - the customers, business partners and alliances, investors, competitors, and others.

In this story, initiates to the hierarchy of Jaguar-kings (and queens) learn that Nature's principles of self-organization* allow any SELF to organize at a rather more primal but an all together more illuminated configuration.

It's bubbles all the way in the quantum universe. Points of force at the center of spheres of oscillating energy. Whenever to switch channels with your remote stop and think about it: Minute amounts of energy oscillating out from the remote to the boob-tube where the wave triggers your command. There are invisible fields energy interweaving at relative densities.

The WOW is this: Quantum means indivisible. Any point is connect to every other point (it's bubbles as noospheres). Also - Jaguar-kings (and queens) learn to pin-point their psychic energy causing an oscillation wave to resonate where they will it. They learn elemental magic and how to use universal forces - FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH - themselves being the quantum SPIRIT that tends the alchemical lab.

From their magical experience, they used qualities to describe the forces they used in sorcery and those descriptions fit the words we use for the universal forces of modern times -> FIRE refers to the BINDING FORCE - the strong nuclear interaction. WATER is the ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE. AIR is the RADIOACTIVE FORCE, the weak nuclear interaction, and EARTH describes the GRAVITATIONAL FORCE. SPIRIT is subjective CONSCIOUSNESS and objective energy at its morphic density. There are a series of derivative forces called the Spin force, Heat, Acoustics, Optics, Electroweak force, Grand Unification force, Electricity, Magnetism, and more, and they have subtleties, sub-forces and interconnections. The whole is one thing... life.

In metaphysical myths, the belief is the whole is Jehovah - an English word derived from the ancient: Yahweh - i.e. Yod He, Vau, He - a word that describes the elements. The Ancients called this the sacred Tetragrammaton: Yod is FIRE - AKA the soul, kundalini, chi, or human will. WATER is the body-brain - i.e. the biochemical and emotional being. AIR is the mind resulting from the interaction of FIRE + WATER. With the correct alchemical mix, the correct mindullness, EARTH becomes the fruit of the labor: Paradise regained if the mind will yield to law of creative SPIRIT.

It just so happens that the facts in this sorcery story and myth are true and supported by modern science. *READ MY BOOK!

The Olmec sorcerers' contention is that we have a magic potential. Here's the rub: While the universal Light of consciousness is interacting with your central nervous system to produce your mind, you may not be aware of the process. Then there may be a serpent in your garden.

Aware of it or not, sacred magic is a real potential:

There is a law of l.o.v.e., a law of « ONEness ». The 2nd law of thermodynamics in physics reveals how - in finite equations - energy is not created nor destroyed, it is transformed. And a willful participation in that process defines what magic means.

Your reactive and reptillian brain and spinal cord... is your personal serpent... even you may not see that, by not having those neurons connected. And the Light - it's the unified field of Intelligence from which ALL things are - How? It's universal. See the transformation in 8 steps = 1. Light causes the dark resistance to release its - 2. Force and 3. Energy - in waves of oscillation, 4. Sub-atomically, fields of energy are forced into spheres... and individuals. 5. Atomic structure thus emerges as an organized matrix (form), where 6. Molecular chains of memory cause... 7. Biology and then 8. the Matter we'll study as it decays.

Studying life as it decays means we are looking in the wrong direction. I'm afraid magic can only begin when you understand that your PERCEPTION is the problem. Not your mind's content (what you think about) but rather its context (how you think about it).

You may not see your own brain-spine as a serpent in the mythical garden of Eden or your sphere of awareness as a garden but that can change. Just think about it for awhile.

Consider how the principles of theophysics explain your mind's influence in the world --- and how it is influenced by the world. Sorcerers concluded that how we think is important. It is our « creative capital ».

Those eight (8) levels of our being are determined by the interaction that is transforming the primal energy into form... A sphere of Light can interact with 7 of them at the electromagnetic frequencies visible as the light spectrum - Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Indigo and Violet, and the 8th is the color of the invisible - i.e. it's the assemblage for cosmic rays above and below visible light - the ultra and infra waves (like Xrays and gamma rays, cosmic and galactic rays and all the subtleties beyond our imaginings.

Fused - ALL is transformed into pure Light. All intelligence is a single point of out pouring inter legentia. Seers say the out pouring is God.

If you can imagine all the matter and energy pouring into the center of black hole, you'll get a handle on fusion force. In fusion ALL melts into pure Light... One. The ALL is « ONE » - a Whole. Now think of its out pouring... a Big Bang.

When you see that ONEness, your perception will shift and you'll recognize it as the most creatively perfect turn-about possible. It's perfect judgment.

HOW we think - How in here perceives out there... that's the ticket.

And the law: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, strength, mind, will...” and its corollary: “[…] and your brother as yourself!” make perfect sense.

ONEness is the law. And take it from me - that idea is golden... Consider: because some of me doesn't communicate with other parts, I'm paralyzed from high on my chest to the tip of my toes and have been for more than 25 years. If my bofy-halves' divorce was the result of a spat, you can bet I'd have fixed the relationship back to wholeness long ago.

Lesson learned: We can NOT break the law but we can break ourselves against it.

The sorcerers of old recommended 8 kinds of magic practice to directly stimulate the frequencies of Light in our nervous system. The premise is that by focusing the energy of added “mindful attention“ on them, they begin to resonate to your will. This has the effect of causing the select light fibres to stimulate corresponding energy in the universe at large, and to thus charge-up your noosphere by a sort of direct osmosis effect.

The increase in subjective awareness is added to a sorcerer's limiting sphere with the intent that it become transformed. The result of the transformation is the psychic power with which the Jaguar-king would contact and connect with the Creator directly, and receive instructions on how to manage His kingdom here on Earth.

Superconsciousness into 8 electro-magnetic bands of frequency

Olmec spiritual mythos defined humans as "physical bodies" inside "metaphysical spheres of intelligence". Their science explained that "Ku" is the energy in the world at large, busy creating everything in it and being it; Ku is the universal identity or the soul of each thing. Energy - as Creator in creation.

Sorcerers also said that the amount of Ku contained by a sphere of awareness that is "molding" a human can be increased. They maintained that the extra energy can be used to slip past death at the moment of our final passage.

The Olmec also say the Forces creating the world configured itself so a concentration of Ku - called Hunab Ku - is at the center of each thing... and of everything.

At the center of each sphere is Hunab Ku, defined as sacred - a Divine Light or a pure Intelligence or the Life-force... and venerated by those first Americans. They understood it with the same depth as other cultures describe kundalini or chi, i.e. it's the universal soul awakened and concentrated as force, now our magical will.

The ancient Olmec taught citizens to align the center of their physical being with the center of their sphere of mind and to let the inner power ascend, to carry them from this world into the "next" without knowing death. The "next", they said, is the world of "creating spirit".


So even if I'll continue to discuss the human mold as if a noosphere - you have to know that we were only round orbs when pristine conditions existed... and they don't anymore.

As an example, your personal use of gravitational force - a field extending from the firery center of your being where Hunab Ku sleeps (the hara about midway bwtween your pubis and your navel, towards your back) to your circumference, at the limits at the edge of your awareness - is much weaker that the Earth's use of gravity - from its own firery center to the biospheric edges contained by its magnetic limits up there in heaven.

The planet's gravity is pulling everything towards its center and that cause your mold to be less than a round orb and more of a lozenge-ish blob.

Measure your self and allow for distortion and such, and you'll discover a center to your being that is less than mythical - but totally real: you have a center.

There - however weak its force - (force only matters if you resist) - you'll find the concentration of the pure creating primal Light that visionaries and prophets and saints and planetary angels since immemorial times have found. As countless have, see it, worship and call it God.

There is the point of fusion of creative force - not defined. And then, pure force gives way to Light which is defracted into into the world - at frequencies we'll call red, orange, yellow, green, blue... and all, as gravity manages electromagnetic assemblages.

« Soul energy » and how it binds you in the unified field of God

Intuitively available --- on your inner radio. 

From Mirrors Of The Soul

Pure Light - Morphic intelligence - Infinity - The creating Spirit

Violet ray - Creative self-empowerment and universal access via Alpha/Ømega brain-wave states; "seeing wholeness"; ascension and fusion to the law of "ONE" - [11.11]

Indigo ray - Visionary direction; wisdom via integration of psychic experiences; inner/outer detachment work; warping time and use universal forces - [2 = 00]

Blue ray - Creative synthesis/integration: Universal energy as soul; self-knowledge and leadership; deep communication; global vision and joy from [e = mc3]

Green ray - Love as a verb; personal power and "reason for being" as self-esteem and growth. Ego + Will = Intellectual matury and charisma; connectivity at [1+2 =3->4]

Yellow ray - Emotional energy now manifest as intellect when ego (electric) and self (magnetic) thinks ; universal duality as left and right brain functions; [(+1) + (-1) = 0]

Orange ray - Transformation of vital energy into procreative and co-creative force via sexual function; generate positive out pouring of emotion; [e = mc2], [e = hf] and I am [l.o.v.e.]

Red ray - Awaken primal fire [Energy contained = Force or will], then [Force focused = Power or magic] to [Power - Obstruction = Vitality, health and wealth] - I am a creative life-force

Basics on how vital energy is arranged according to its vibrational frequency.




Ritual magic and psy power (Top)

Accessing Pure Light and transforming your mind in the illumination is most properly called - sorcery.

In that transformation, practionners now see the underlying building blocks of Nature as creatively intelligent energy - in its movement from unity to diversity ...and back - in continuum.

Several schools of sorcery practice are known - some are better known than others. What the ancient Mesoamericans practiced as sexual sorcery for example, other cultures named tantric yoga, karezza or sex magick. The Olmec sorcerer's pushed these practices to empowering conclusions, even initiating a “cult of the 'were-jaguar'” for persons to explore love's sexual practices and see what secrets could be found there.

The practices of the those sorcerers are preserved as a supremely intelligent and wondrous system of SELF-empowering tools, techniques and synthese.

They demystify the magical or spiritual miracles described throughout the ages.

The sorcery practices are designed to transform the mind so that adepts increase their vital energy and ascend in power.

As understanding follows experience, the tools are behavioral, including certain doings and certain not-doings... the experience of which adds to our vital energy, or decreases it. Then, the universal formula will make perfect sense:

Energy contained = Force

Force focused = Power

Power - Obstruction = Vitality (and magic)


There are 8 levels of sorcery practice :

Red ray magic - Warrior Sorcery

Survive. This magic has to do with answering the 1st creative imperative; trigger your adrenals to acquire the power that comes from mastering your body's flight or fight response. and use it to vanquish inner and outer foes; it includes using the roles of leadership and the masks of command; initiates learn to influence events and circumstances; adepts acquire PSY power, manage way-stations, open TIME portals, and more.

Warrior Sorcery must align your intent - from discovering your purpose in life to actualizing your true will. More.

Orange ray magic -  Sexual Sorcery

Prosper. This frequency of magic has to do with the 2nd creative imperative - and with taming your body's need to pro-create to increase its capacity to connect with others and co-create. You'll stimulate the gonads so the hormones secreted become pheromones and charisma follows; use the erotic drive to unleash or to lash the Binding force to achieve your desires; liberate masculine and feminine sexual energies to explore attraction, magnetism, enchantment, allurement in creative ways. More.

Sex Sorcery must align your intent with personal growth - from evolutionary to SELF-knowledge. 

Yellow ray magic -  Ego Sorcery

Think and become. The nature of complex systems is to organize and thus become SELF-aware. This frequency of magic has to do with erasing your personal history - and re-organizing on an empowered base. Stimulate the pancreas, define a self-image that identifies with Nature's intent and actualize deeds that correspond to it; assert your I AMness by unravelling the mystery of awareness: Intellect is magnetic and emotional charge is electric. Mood attracts mind.

Ego Sorcery must align your intent - from devotion to ideals -> in altruistic SELF-interest. More.

Green ray magic -  Healing Sorcery

Connect with the l.o.v.e. of universe - i.e. the world as limitless oscillations of vibrating energy; Practitioners will honor Nature and the Spirit world. Stimulate your thymus gland - feel your mood elevate when your bloodstream buzzes with thymosins; as T-cells increase, you'll find people respond to you and your ideas with great friendliness. Magi acquire position and power, win awards and prestige, shape events, heal, build and inspire.

Healing Sorcery must align your intent - from love-me selfishness to the wisdom of unconditional "I love all" -> ONE! More.

Blue ray magic - Wealth Sorcery

A cosmic game, at this magic frequency, you master yourSELF - to exercise controle over resources: metaphysical and material. This magic acquires tools, finds treasures, manages circumstances and events, shapes fortunes and destinies. Ask and you shall receive...

Wealth Sorcery must your align intent - from active to co-creative intelligence. More.

Indigo ray magic - Death Sorcery

Clear psychic windows - from red to blue. Stimulate the pituitary gland and break the human tie with its DNA death program; transform one's link to the Time-Space-Consciousness continuum and open the door to hyperspace; communicate with other life-forms, project and-or transform energy; focus or contain fear by using denizens of the necronomicon, and more.

Death Sorcery must align your intent - from conflict to resolution to harmony -> to Creator's Intent. More.

Violet ray magic - Mind Sorcery

 Being-in-dreaming via access and stimulation of the pineal gland. Enrich its hormonal flow and then meet allies, guides, mentors - or your Holy Guardian Angel. This magic works with ESP, intuition, pre- and postcognition; it has to do with discarnate intelligence, divination, invocation, possession, and bringing creative « Intent » into being.

Mind Sorcery must align your intent - from Ørder to Power -> so you answer the universal: “My Father and I are ONE!”

This world and the morphic world of Spirit overlap in the same way radio frequencies do. Imagine how we are Earth-bound in our day-to-day thinking... like on the AM bandwave, while a Starship called Rapture is docked and waiting in year 2150AD - a hyperspace jump away. Imagine the boarding instructions are broadcast on the FM dial.

The paradigm-shift is about developing the ability to change your dial and tune into that other frequency. The other frequency cannot change for your AM receiver.

Sorcery is SELF-transformation - i.e. MIND-Expansion, LIFE-Extension & LIGHT-migration. 


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