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Chapter 2


from a new perspective

- From page 64 -

The empowered mind: an evolutionary jump.

It can be shown that the energy generated by a passionate mind has an attracting effect on the outside environment. The energy of passionate people, the dynamism they give off with their willful acts "in here", has repercussions in a tangible magnetic sense "out there", in the real world.

I can offer a personal anecdote on that scientific fact: I believe that my curiosity about my own central nervous system after my accident was accompanied by a greatly increased ability to find the resources I needed in my work. Prior to my passion being turned on, I don't know that I ever crossed data on brain/mind and consciousness like I did after my fire was lit.

After, I met people and circumstances or found papers and positions in ways that were first weird, then eerie, and then great fun and a normal

page 65

part of the process. Passion links to power and so I tended to “luck” into whatever I needed.

Deciding to learn about the workings of my own mind was a source of self-knowledge and thus a great power. I learned how to change my thinking, and that meant I could determine how to change it further. I could shape my destiny. Called the alchemical gold that's transformed from lead, the self-empowered mind has a great survival advantage: it can cause change to occur in conjunction with its creating intent.

Far from being reactive to either its thinking or that of others, the empowered mind influences the world in a tangible, material sense. From antiquity, the willed transformation of an event or a circumstance has been called magic and so, unabashedly, the empowered mind is the mind of magician, a magus.

The mystic language comes from those first explorers of human potential, and therefore needs to be dusted off for these modern times. Ernesto De Martino, professor of History and Religion at Rome's Cagliari University and author of several books on myth and magic, found that people resist the notion that we can exercise a magical power over the circumstances in life. He confirmed that, "The idea of magic challenges our basic concepts of reality and the natural order of things." 12

De Martino researched the documents from our magical history and said that they suggest the power of the magi, shamans and sorcerers is a very real psychic power, a power of the mind that's available to all of us. Quantum physics further reveals that the universe indeed does respond to our thinking. Through the ages some people have taken that fact very seriously.

Biologist Lyall Watson tells how cosmic law-and-order supports the notion of human psychic powers. In Supernature, he explains various phenomena from ESP (extra sensory perception) to telepathy and precognition, and tells how they obey Nature's rules. He writes, "Few aspects of human behavior are as persistent as our need to believe in things unseen and, as a biologist, I find it hard to believe that this is purely fortuitous. The belief or the strange things to which this belief is so stubbornly attached must have some survival value." 13

12. Ernesto De Martino. Primitive Magic: The Psychic Powers Of Shamans And Sorcerers. Dorset: Prism Press, 1972.

13. Lyall Watson. Supernature. London: Coronet Press, Hodder Books, 1973.

page 66

I agreed. I decided to develop my potential when I realized that applied creativity is magic. By consciously applying creative thought to problems and challenges, we can cause something better to come into being. As you read the pages of this book, I'll reveal secrets of motivation, strategy and self-empowerment I learned from Nature so you can decide for yourself if a paradigm-shift to a more creative mindset can profit you.

Instead of reacting to a situation, we can adopt a proactive attitude, become more creative and transform it magically. From the investment in our creative capital, we develop the skill to transform the events in our life magically. Then the will to become a more creative person will pay off in unbelievable ways, the least of which are realizing great expectations and evolving psychic powers.

The bottom line is that by becoming a more creative thinker, we can profit from more creative thoughts.

A self-empowered mind participates in a magical worldview

Self-empowered and free of limits, people who claim their creative mind will celebrate the conscious decision to expand their own potential in a magical way.

Less reactive to desire, they can consciously climb the hierarchy of motivated need and hone their will in the actualization of a better destiny. Experiencing life as a series of choices, they decide what to actualize next, what to experience next, and how to be happier, healthier, wealthier, and wiser.

Consider how your magical mind is experienced as the wisdom you glean from your own strategies and acts, and then realize how

page 67

enormous your potential is.

Life is precious and much too short. Self-empowering leaders adapt to that realization by creatively working to prolong their own health, wealth and well-being, and by wisely managing their relationships and their environment.

Magi just do what they have to do and let Infinity take care of the details. Nothing worthwhile is ever really free or easy, but the magical worldview only has two requirements: can do and want to.

Imagine the benefits of a magically empowered mind. Aligned with a universal creating intent, passionate because your evolutionary drive is being fueled by a heightened awareness of your potential, every decision you make, every communication you initiate and every move you take becomes a magical operation.

In the empowered world of shamans, sorcerers and spiritual mystics, creative energy works through you and universal forces align to help you succeed. Your every thought then becomes a creative and magical act, bringing you ever closer to the actualization of your creative will.

Self-empowerment is a fascinating concept: while the power is transpersonal (you either have it or you don't), it can become personal (you can get it). The empowered mind expands beyond a subjective perception of duality (I, not-I) to participate indivisibly in the infinite universe - as in “The Father and I are One”.

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A brief look at how the universe changed



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