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Chapter 7

Meta-motivation and the soul

- From page 174 -

Beyond our ego-centric limits

In his studies of human motivation, Maslow recognized how certain aspects of human nature influence motivation and satisfaction. Humans appreciate and tend to seek out those ideas, services and things that give us pleasure and promise to make life easier and more enjoyable. We try to avoid pain. It's not really that complicated: by esteeming ourselves more, we give more value to our experience of life. And then we tend to give more quality to it.

So, strategically, proactive thinking begins with the premise: I can give quality to life. Humans with a healthy ego and self-esteem can cut to the quick and start pursuing their own quality of life. Ego's evolutionary thrust, our true will, is directed by Nature's creative imperative to seek out quality. Values like quality are self-defined, though.

Let's agree that personal growth should be factored into any understanding of it.

Many people will consider material things before spiritual development or more altruistic pursuits. In order of subjective perception,we encounter physical, security and social needs before the ego is fully formed. An ego that is shaped under dire conditions will have a different perception of quality than one raised with that silver spoon we read about.  

page 175

Synthesis 21

The hierarchy of personal need 1-12

Level of need

12. Understanding

11. The pursuit of ideal

10. Creative-awareness

9. Joy/Passion

8. Paradigm-shift

7. Need to self-realize

6. Personal growth

5. A quality of life

4. Ego/esteem needs

3. The social needs

2. Need for security

1. Physiological needs

How to fill it


Whole-brain seeing

Stop the inner dialogue

Transcend limits

Psychic development

Conscious choice

Spiritual culture

Tithing culture

Will culture

Ethical culture

Energy culture

Physical culture



Personal power

Ømega point fusion


I am creative

Self-aware: I am

Unconditional love

Altruistic self-interest

True will



Physical health

Ego is shaped by how we answer genetic signals that are determined by Nature's bio-clock. Leadership qualities that are not developed as a young adult, for example, will be more difficult to integrate by older managers. Bad attitudes developed when young can follow people throughout their lives, and may interfere with other, more profitable, attitudes.

The benefits of experiencing a general attitude related to love, joy, passion, etc., are beyond any intellectual debate. The hormones, neural-receptors and other chemical mixes physically present in our body when we entertain a positive attitude, are measurably real. Before an ego can begin to esteem itself sufficiently to release those chemicals, though, its human owner has to figure out that quality depends on first shifting paradigms, and going from a reactive to a proactive state of mind. In other words, it depends on personal growth.

The idea that quality of life is part of a hierarchy that includes personal growth, self-empowerment, self-actualization and more, may be a foreign concept to the reactive ego.

Proactive people want to learn to satisfy all their needs. They...

page 176

... understand the hierarchy can either be actualized with a strong interaction (creative self-empowerment) or with a weak interaction (reactive self-sabotage). Actualizing the first four levels of need with a strong interaction produces a healthy body, emotional strength, ethical relationships and an esteemed sense of self, or ego with a proactive attitude.

The quality of energy produced by climbing the first five steps in the hierarchy liberates ego's subjective will so it can be used to further develop personal power. This can be defined as the creativity and freedom to pursue your own definition of a quality life.

You don't have to think about it…just to do it. Pursue the quality in life.

Focused on a quality life, ego can now determine how to satisfy the next eight levels of need and reach those higher realms. Subjective ego dictates how we'll benefit from the needs we attain and whether we participate in the pursuit of a higher evolution.

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The need for quality of life


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