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Chapter 8

The self-empowered mind

- From page 215 -

Creative order includes a soul

Quantum physics can explain how we are both matter and Light. Not either/or, but both.

Perception is the trick. The only thing preventing us from understanding God's creative intent is how we perceive. Focus out there and think, and you'll only see the illusion, the form created from formlessness. Focus in here and stop thinking to see the formless creating intent, the unifying Light that is the soul of things.

Theophysics tells us we must expand our mind to overlap and acquire cosmic consciousness. First we must learn to think of ourselves as both a physical body and metaphysical soul. Try it this way. I am mind, a limited sphere of consciousness. When I look out there, beyond my sphere, I see solid things; but if I look in here, within my sphere of mind, I see awareness, energy and Light.

Contemplate creation. Don't think about the past because God didn't create the world a long time ago in some storybook. Don't think future because God is not waiting somewhere to judge us. Don't think, because as God is creating the world here/now in a quantum way (that means He is indivisibly bound to creation), your thinking may be interfering with your perception.

Months after I left the rehab hospital, I had another out-of-body experience, this time without dying. In that experience I was bathed in Pure Light once again, this time allowing me to understand something that's critically important to my new worldview: we don't have to die to have a Pure Light experience.

Those dramatic happenings were an indirect result of what occurred to me.

Death stopped my inner dialogue, my thinking. That's because my consciousness was no longer interacting with my brain. And when my consciousness was freed from my brain, I experienced the universe, my non-local here/now and everywhere else, in a direct way, the way it really is, as energy and potential.

Pure Light emerges from hyperspace as a creative intent, and then it tones down into the limitless oscillating vibrational energy that's forced into form. I had a direct experience of myself as a soul. While I was out-of-body, I saw the Light, the creating word of God, become the all in all. I saw God become me. I can't take myself that seriously because I saw God become you and everything else too.

page 216

I saw God's pure intelligence face to face, in here and out there, without dying.

My paradigm shifted again. Before I thought of myself as a body and a soul. Then I saw myself as a soul energizing a body. I saw my body being created from soul. There's a subtle but very fundamental difference. Before, I thought I was human and having a spiritual experience but now, I recognized that I'm a spiritual being who is having a human experience.

Universal law allows for both, so the difference resides in which view we experience, the spin we care to give it. Body and soul both exist, and mind is the transition point between them. Universe doesn't care but I always suggest identifying with the soul - when asked - because the body is mortal.

I'll dare to tell you that my own quality of life - and I've come back a long way from being thought dead, in a paralyzed body and financially ruined - is much better served because of my inner life. I see myself as the soul animating a body. I claimed my sacred identity and decided that Creator loved animating a broken body on wheels, so I acted according to what gave me and others joy, and let Infinity take care of the details.

And from my own actions, I began to see how l.o.v.e. is magic.

We are beings of Light even if our tribal/social brains have trouble with the concept. But I'll paraphrase the old wisdom question to highlight how knowing the soul is crucially important. How will you profit from all the kingdoms of the material world if you lose your soul?

Understanding that I am soul with a body attached required that I develop a new syntax. I needed a new language and new neural connections to rewire a lot of my old data. It's important to know how this works because the way our soul, or consciousness, is interacting with our brain and central nervous system is what is creating the mind.

Mind can be understood in terms of the frequency, magnitude and amplitude of the consciousness that is interacting with a subjective brain. Understanding your mind implies knowing a little more about both its biological mass - your brain - and its quantum energy states - your consciousness - as they assemble your perceptions into logic.

The biological mass is more than gray matter; it's a mass of chemicals that interact electrically. Your brain and universal energy, or consciousness, are interacting, and the result of that interaction is your mind.

page 217

Regardless of your mind's content, you can monitor the interaction. Frequency is the measure of the number of interactions between your consciousness and your brain. An EEG can count those interactions over a specified period of time. Magnitude is a measure of the intensity of light, the brightness, reflected by your consciousness during those interactions. And Amplitude measures the force contained by consciousness when it is assembling your mind.
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Frequencies of soul: how the brain becomes mind


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